LifeWay Student Ministry

Bible Studies and Resources to Impact Your Students

Our desire is to serve you in your mission of making disciples of students and their families. Because of that mission, our teams are working hard every single day to serve you through Bible studies, events, mission trips, and training. Only God and His Word bring about true heart transformation. Because of this, it is our top priority to ensure our resources and events are rooted in the truth of Scripture. We hope LifeWay Students can be your one-stop hub for all of your student ministry needs.

Featured Bible Studies

Characters Bible Study


Lead students through an in-depth, one-year study of key biblical figures throughout the Bible.

Better Than Life

Better Than Life

Help girls learn how to consider the context, observe, interpret, apply, and delight in God’s Word through a nine-session study of Psalm 63.

The Good Life BIble Study

The Good Life

Help students learn what Jesus teaches about finding true happiness with this 8-session Bible study.

The Good Life BIble Study


Help girls truly understand who Jesus is and how we can know Him. 

Youth Ministry Booster

Have you ever wished you had just one extra person on your team? Now imagine if that person knew exactly what it was like to be a youth pastor, had walked through similar struggles and celebrations, AND had an endless library of resources for you to pull from! Introducing: Youth Ministry Booster.

Youth Ministry Booster is the place for you to:

  • Find community with other people doing the same kind of work.
  • Find soul care, because ministry can sometimes be lonely and difficult.
  • Find hundreds of resources you can use on-the-spot with students.
  • Get practical training to continue growing in your role, whether you’re a veteran or today is your first day on the job.