Balanced Discipleship Plan

The goal of every group leader is to make mature disciples. In order to do this, you need a map to determine what your group will study. When you use a map-based strategic discipleship plan, your group will engage with 7 categories of study that will ultimately move them towards spiritual maturity.

In order for your group to walk this path of balanced disciple-making, simply choose a 6-week study from each of these categories over the course of the next 12 months and watch what Jesus does in your group.

Foundational Discipleship

Teaches group members how to journey with God and experience His presence and power in their lives.

Bible Book or Character

Propels group members to God's word with the goal of understanding the Bible, how to use it, and how the Gospel speaks to the characters described in it.


Establishes foundational truths about God and His kingdom that will aide group members throughout their lifelong spiritual journey.

Real Life Issues

Shows how God's word speaks into everyday life issues.


Reminds group members that they are God's chosen family and that He longs for His children to experience the abundant life Jesus promised.


Teaches group members how to be on mission. Serving those who are far from Christ while encouraging them to share the Gospel.


Establishes the practices of a Biblically functioning group. Each time a group does one of these studies, they will move closer to being the Christian community that God wants that group to be.