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Ruth - Bible Study Book (Revised & Expanded) with Video Access


Loss, Love & Legacy



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Most of us like a good rags-to-riches story, especially one that includes a bit of intrigue and a moving tale of love. We can easily get lost in a narrative where, at the beginning of the story, heartache reigned, but it was soon replaced by joy. Perhaps we’re drawn to these tales because they not only provide an escape, but hope.

Many of us struggle through seasons of bitterness, tears, and loss, wondering if there could ever be a happy ending to our stories. The story of Ruth affirms that yes, there is hope. However, it's not found in a happy ending scribed by a novelist’s pen, but in the power and protection of a sovereign God who never takes His eyes off of us for even a moment.

In this 7-session study from Kelly Minter, we'll examine Ruth's journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy. We'll see how God proves Himself faithful as the One who rescues, revives, and restores. First released in 2009, this study is now updated with fresh content and new teaching videos from Kelly.


  • Leader helps for group discussion
  • 6 weeks of personal study to be completed between the 7 group sessions
  • 7 teaching videos, approximately 25–30 minutes per session, available via redemption code for individual video-streaming access, printed in Bible study book


  • Understand how God’s law was and is meant to lead to life and flourishing for His people.
  • ​Learn to trust God’s providence even when redemption in your circumstances may seem impossible.
  • Trace shadows of Jesus, the Messiah to come, in Ruth’s story and Boaz’s role as her kinsman redeemer.

Video Sessions:
  • Session One: Introduction (18:35)—In her introductory teaching, Kelly provides background information for the book of Ruth and insight into what life was like for the people of God during a dark time in their history. Ruth’s story offers encouragement in our own dark places that God is still working among His people today.
  • Session Two: Two Journeys (31:53)—Kelly teaches the book of Ruth is a picture of God’s grace and faithfulness. Through the examples of Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth, Kelly helps us see that the way we respond to God in our grief matters. We’re also reminded that God is not limited by our impossible circumstances.
  • Session Three: Arriving (36:39)—After a very long journey, we follow Ruth and Naomi as they arrive in Bethlehem. As this part of their story unfolds, so does our understanding of God’s heart for the lost and hurting. Kelly reminds us that God blesses everyday obedience and faithfulness to Him, as seen in the “chance” encounter between Ruth and Boaz.
  • Session Four: An Encounter (31:23)—In this session, Kelly highlights how the heart of God is on display through Boaz. Boaz’s leadership of his property and his care for Ruth and Naomi show his love for the outsider—the vulnerable, broken, and hurting. Kelly encourages you to remember that God doesn’t merely love you; He sees you, and He redeems you.
  • Session Five: A Proposal (34:07)—With vibrant imagery and helpful biblical context, Kelly explains the journey Ruth took to meet with Boaz on the threshing floor and Boaz’s commitment to be Ruth and Naomi’s kinsman-redeemer through marriage to Ruth. God used Ruth’s obedience to transform her life. Kelly challenges: Are you willing to follow God in the next right step of obedience, too?
  • Session Six: Redemption (35:51)—The marriage of Boaz and Ruth is a celebration of the love, faithfulness, and redemptive power of God in the lives of Naomi and Ruth. Kelly teaches us it is also a reminder that there is nothing in our lives that God cannot redeem.
  • Session Seven: Legacy (35:29)—Kelly closes the study with the reminder that Ruth and Naomi’s story doesn’t end when the book of Ruth ends. Theirs is a story that leaves a lasting legacy through Ruth’s son, Obed, and eventually through Jesus. Kelly’s final challenge is that we would be people like Ruth, people who make godly choices that leave a legacy of God’s faithfulness when we’re gone.


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