One of the best things about a new year is the opportunity of a fresh start for the 365 days ahead. There’s no better way to start the new year than by spending time in the Bible—which is why we want to share some of our favorite studies with you! We hope this lineup of resources helps you kick off 2023 with time in the Word. Happy almost new year!

The Bible in a Year by Kandi Gallaty

Join Kandi Gallaty on this year-long journey from Genesis through Revelation. With journaling and weekly Scripture memory challenges, you’ll walk through key passages of the Bible at a manageable, 5-days-per-week pace.

And you’ll discover the transformational joy that comes from integrating God’s Word into your daily life

Abide by Jen Wilkin

In this 10-session Bible study on the letters of 1, 2, and 3 John, Jen Wilkin helps you see how two thousand years later, the apostle John's words call to Christians in similar challenges to recall a great salvation and to abide in the truth.

From Beginning to Forever by Elizabeth Woodson

Elizabeth Woodson guides you through the story of the Bible, showing how all 66 books combine to form one unified narrative. Weaving together the rich theological truths found in Genesis through Revelation, this 8-session study shows the eternal significance of what God is doing in the world and how He invites us to be a part of it.   

Ruth by Kelly Minter

Discover a journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy. This study delves into the virtuous character of Ruth, her unique relationship with her mother-in-law Naomi, and her blossoming love with Boaz.

Amos by Jennifer Rothschild

Amos is often called a prophet of doom. And when you begin to read his prophecy, it doesn’t take long to realize that nickname fits. On the surface, his prophecy doesn’t sound like a happy formula for the good life. However, every condemnation he gives serves as an invitation, a cry for us to “seek God and live” (Amos 5:4).

Isaiah by Melissa Spoelstra

Following God isn’t about striving; it’s about trusting. As you study the chapters Isaiah wrote, you will learn to rest in God’s promises and trust God more than your own human effort or the counterfeits the world suggests.

The Gospel on the Ground by Kristi McLelland

Come along with biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she unpacks the life of the early church in the book of Acts and shows us that the kingdom of God is always on the move, always looking outward to bring meaning and joy to a world searching for true fulfillment and hope.

In View of God’s Mercies by Courtney Doctor

The gospel doesn’t just change your eternal future; it changes your present reality. In this study on the book of Romans, Courtney Doctor will walk you through Paul’s powerful letter to see the glorious grace and transforming work of the gospel.

Trustworthy by Lysa TerKeurst

In this study of 1st and 2nd Kings, join Lysa TerKeurst in Israel as she honestly reveals the places of distrust in her own heart while exploring the deeply personal applicable Scriptures that will teach us how to truly trust God.

Jude by Jackie Hill Perry

In this study, you will dive into themes of being called, loved, and kept, and learn how to point others to Jesus in grace and truth.

BONUS: Elijah by Priscilla Shirer

Join Priscilla Shirer on this journey through the life and times of the prophet Elijah to discover how the fire on Mount Carmel was forged in the valley of famine. And how the emboldened, fiery faith you desire is being fashioned by God in your life right now.

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