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From Beginning to Forever - Bible Study Book with Video Access


A Study of the Grand Narrative of Scripture



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Many Christians today are daunted by the Bible, seeing the size and scope of Scripture as intimidating and overwhelming. The result is often a fragmented understanding of parts of the Bible, which leads us to view it through the lens of our individual stories, primarily looking for different verses or passages to help us live our everyday lives. But, in our search for personal truth, we fail to see how the entirety of Scripture works together to show a bigger story—God's work to redeem and restore the entire world.

In From Beginning to Forever, Elizabeth Woodson guides you through the story of the Bible, showing how all 66 books combine to form one unified narrative. Weaving together the rich theological truths found in Genesis through Revelation, this 8-session study shows the eternal significance of what God is doing in the world and how he invites us to be a part of it.


  • Leader helps for group discussion
  • 7 weeks of personal study to be completed between the 8 group sessions
  • 8 teaching videos, approximately 30–35 minutes per session, available via redemption code for individual video-streaming access, printed in Bible study book


  • Discover the deeper meaning and themes that run through Scripture.
  • Recognize that you are being formed by the stories you believe and shaped by God’s story.
  • Come away with a greater understanding of who God is in every part of the Bible.
  • Cultivate a new framework/lens/perspective for future Bible study.

Video Sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction (14:46)—Elizabeth sets the stage for the study in Session 1 by discussing the importance of story. She will discuss some of the false stories people live their lives by, and challenge us to live our lives according to Scripture, the only story that goes from beginning to forever.
  • Session 2: The Creation & Corruption of the Kingdom (31:50)—The beginning of a story matters. That’s what Session 2 video teaching emphasizes. Elizabeth will share what we learn about God and humanity in the beautiful story of creation. Then we’ll see how sin tears at the fabric of creation and corrupts God’s kingdom. But there’s hope of restoration even in the tragedy.
  • Personal Story: Live for God’s Glory (1:48)—Elizabeth reminds us that we are created not for ourselves, but for God’s glory.
  • Session 3: A Promise to Restore the Kingdom (31:26)—Session 3 teaching focuses on God establishing for Himself a people who would proclaim His name among all nations. He chooses to do this through a man named Abraham. We’ll follow the story of Abraham and his descendants as they find themselves enslaved in Egypt, are delivered, and then stand on the brink of the promised land.
  • Personal Story: Steps of Faith (2:19)—Elizabeth shares how her journey to Dallas required her to trust in the faithfulness of God.
  • Session 4: A Divided Kingdom (36:15)—The teaching in Session 4 begins with God’s people moving into the promised land. Elizabeth will show how they experienced the triumph of conquest and the tragedy of compromise. Leadership is the name of the game in this section of study as Joshua, judges, then kings, lead God’s people. Their flawed leadership, even in the best of times, will show us the need for the true King to come.
  • Personal Story: Live Prepared (1:59)—Elizabeth uses the story of a strange Christmas gift to remind us that our best way to deal with sin is to be alert and prepared for it.
  • Session 5: Life in the Kingdom (29:23)—Elizabeth pauses the timeline in the Session 5 teaching as she takes us through the wisdom literature of the Bible to illustrate life in the kingdom of God. She’ll also give us an overview of the prophets—those God used as His mouthpiece to call His people back to Himself and point them toward the coming King.
  • Personal Story: Keep Showing Up (2:04)—Elizabeth explains that who God calls us to be and what God calls us to do does not change with our circumstance. Regardless of what we face, we have to keep showing up.
  • Session 6: The Arrival of the King (30:27)—In Session 6 we see how the true King arrives in the form of a baby. God the Son becomes flesh and dwells with us. Elizabeth explains how Jesus walked the earth to proclaim God’s Kingdom has come, then gave His life as a sinless sacrifice for our salvation. But that’s not the end of the story. He was resurrected and is now our living Savior and Lord.
  • Personal Story: Hanging Out with Jesus (1:26)—Elizabeth points out that we are always shaped by the person or things we give our time and attention to. She urges us to abide with Jesus and be transformed by Him.
  • Session 7: The Kingdom Community (22:04)—Session 7 teaching shows how after Jesus’ resurrection, the Holy Spirit arrives and establishes a new community of God’s people called the church. Elizabeth will show us how the church was established and nurtured through the work of Paul and others. We’ll take a glimpse at how the letters of these early church leaders outlined the gospel faith that we still live by today.
  • Personal Story: Accept the Help (2:14)—Elizabeth reminds us that God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us live the holy life we’re called to and accomplish His purpose.
  • Session 8: The Kingdom is Restored (23:10)—Elizabeth closes the study by taking a quick look into the book of Revelation. We’ll see how this vision John received cryptically reveals how this age will close. Jesus will come as a conquering king and will ultimately destroy Satan, sin, and death, and then welcome us into the place He has prepared for those of us who have followed Him. The kingdom of God will be restored and we will live with Him forever.
  • Personal Story: How the Story Ends (1:48)—Elizabeth reminds us that we don’t have to be worried or afraid about the future because we know how the story ends.


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