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LifeWay Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

The Lifeway Summer Reading Program 2020 has ended.

If you completed the program, and filled out the Get Rewards form to let us know by August 31, look for an email containing your instructions on how to choose and get one of the books below for free as your prize.

Book Rewards for Program Completion

Toddlers, Ages 1-5 Free Book Prize*

Jesus' Miracles, One Big Story

Jesus' Miracles, One Big Story

The Bible is one big story made up of lots of adventures. This is the story of two great miracles and of how Jesus showed that He is the Son of God by His power over nature.

[Prayers for Bedtime book is now out of stock. Jesus' Miracles One Big Story board book is being offered as a replacement while supplies last.]

Grades 1-3 Free Book Prize*

Explore the Bible Devotional

Explore the Bible Devotional

The Explore the Bible Devotional takes kids on a journey through each book of the Bible, uncovering the Where? and Why? at every stop. Each of the sixty-six devotions offers images of relevant people, places, and artifacts of the time period as well as text truths that point back to Christ.

Grades 4-6 Free Book Prize*

If . . . What If

If . . . What If?

This unique book of 365 devotions is sure to create meaningful discussions, deepen your family's faith, and offer plenty of laughs along the way. Written by a father and son, it's filled with clever questions and profound insights that speak to kids, teens and adults alike.

*While supplies last.


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