This four-sermon series delves into God's covenant faithfulness to His people and His promises, and how He fulfilled parts of those promises through the exile and restoration of Judah. God forged His covenant with Israel, and His people rebelled against Him. They way God chastised Israel in exile, and then rescued and restored them to their land, points toward the ultimate redemption He fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Christ.

These sermons accompany Bible study lessons from The Gospel Project originally scheduled for February 2013.

Sermons in this series

  1. Idolatry Exposed and Judged - 1 & 2 Kings

  2. Judah: A Warned, Judged, and Promised People

  3. Exiled and Holy - Daniel 1

  4. Longing for Redemption - Ezra 3

Resources for study and preparation

Greg Breazeale is pastor of Metro East Baptist Church, Wichita, Kansas.