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3 Ways to Build Community in Your Small Group

We need healthy, strong relationships with other Christians, and a small group is a perfect place to find those. When group members know, trust, and value each other, your group will flourish.

He Has Come! Christ Has Come for Us!

Christmas isn’t simply a time to enjoy twinkling lights and gift giving, it is a deeply theological time of celebrating the hingepoint of our faith: that our God would dwell among us as a God-man — Jesus, living perfectly the life we could not live and sacrificing it all so that we might be declared righteous.

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How Can I Make Time to Read the Bible?

When we read the Bible, we meet God. And that changes our friendships and our families, our work and our free time, our churches and our cities. But making time to read God’s Word is tough. Here are some ways others have been able to stick with Bible reading.

Christian Fiction Books You Don't Want to Miss

Our list of recommended Christian fiction books includes selections from bestselling authors and up-and-coming writers with stories full of elements like romance, suspense, history, current events, faith, and forgiveness. Pick up some compelling stories that can inspire your own faith journey!