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Book Passage Sermon article
Genesis 1 God's Great Mystery Revealed
  1:1-5 New Beginnings: A Graduate Recognition Sermon
  1:26 Created in God's Image
  1:26 Created to Relate
  1:26-28 God Is Good
  1:26-28 Created to Rule
  1:27 Baptist Faith and Message Sermon: Mankind
  2:1-3 Created for Rest
  2:15-17 Created for Work
  3:1-6 God Speaks and We Fail to Trust Him
  3:1-7 Created to Rule
  4:26 Calling on God's Name
  11:4 Make a Name for Yourself
  13:1-18 The Power of Contentment
  22:1-14; 26:2-5 Life's Longest Journey
  32 The Steps to Reconciliation
  37:5-8, 26-28; 50:15-21 God Meant It for Good
Exodus 1 The Forward Movement of God's Plan
  3:13-15 What's in a Name?
  7-11 The Plagues of Egypt
  13-14 The Exodus from Egypt
  15-17 Walking by Faith in the Wilderness
  19 Prepare to Meet Your God
  20:1-3 The Definitive God
  20:1-17 God Speaks and Makes Known His Design
  20:7 Misusing God's Name
  32:7-14 God Answers Prayer
  33:12-23 The Presence of Worship
  33:12-23 When God Leads the Way
  34:6-8 You Can Be Forgiven
  35 Four Essentials of Worship
Leviticus 8-10 The Day the Priests Dropped Dead
Numbers 13-14 The High Cost of Leadership
  21:4-9 Snakebite: The Judgment of Sin and the Cross of Christ
Deuteronomy 6:4-5 The Spirit Defined
  7 God Fulfills His Promises
  8 God Speaks and Commands Total Obedience
  30 God Speaks and Reveals Our Greatest Need
Joshua 1 How to Get from There to Here
  3:1-7 The 'Before' Principle
  3:2-14 Crossing Our Jordan
  4 The Lesson of the Stones
  5 The Mark of Distinctiveness
  6 How to Overcome Obstacles
  7 What Happens When We Fail?
  8 Regaining Lost Ground
  9 Be On Your Guard
  10 Moving Forward in Faith
  14 How to Claim a Mountain
  14:6-15 Dog Days Don't Determine Your Destiny, God Does!
  24 Strength for Service
Judges 6-7 Six Trust Lessons from Gideon
  6-8 Gideons Guidlines for Greatness
Facing the Hidden Dangers that Threaten the Home
  1 Why Do Some Walk Away?
  1 The Burden and Bitterness of a Barren Life
  1 Holding the Family Together when Your World Is Falling Apart
  1-2 Virtuous Realities, Part 1
  2 Virtuous Realities, Part 2
  2 Ruth - From Awful Situation to Amazing Hope
  3 Love is in the Air
  3:15-18 Is Your Marriage Winning?
  4 A Heritage Builder
1 Samuel 1:10-13; 12:23-24 Hannah: A Mother Who Gave
  13:14 Following the Heart of God
  4:10-22 Parenting Is Not for Chickens
  16 This Is the One!
  16:6-7 God Gives Us the King We Need
  16:7 Developing a Heart for God
  24:1-22 It's Not About Me
  25:14-35 An Unlikely Advocate
2 Samuel 6:12-15 Carry the Glory
  7:18-29 Make a Name for Yourself
  9 The Unexpected Response
  12 When You Have Sinned
1 Kings 3:1-15 Solomon's Divine Wisdom
  18 Exposed and Judged
2 Kings 5:1-15 When You're Desperate for a Healing Touch
  12 Honesty: The Complete Virtue
  17 Exposed and Judged
1 Chronicles 13-15 Carry the Glory
  16:34-36 Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving
2 Chronicles 26:5-21 The Down Side of Worship: Preparation
Ezra 3:10-13 The World Is Not Enough
  3:1-13 Longing for Redemption
Nehemiah 1 The Road Trip that Changed a Nation
Job Various Six Questions When Giving or Receiving Advice
  1-2 Choosing Faith in the Midst of Suffering
  28 Three Hard Truths about Wisdom
  30, 40, 42 Job's Perfect Storm
  42 How to respond to a powerful and loving God
Psalms 8 Life Question 3: Who Am I?
  8 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  8 New Beginnings: A Graduate Recognition Sermon
  8 The Name of the King
  19 Spiritual Discipline series - Bible Intake
  19:1-6 God Speaks through His World
  19:7-11 God Speaks through His Word
  19:7-11 The Bible Is God's Word to Me
  23 Comfort in Times of Crisis
  23 Getting More than We Deserve
  23:3 For His Name's Sake
  32 Removing the pain of guilt
  40 The Power of Worship
  51 God Speaks and We Disobey
  51 When You Have Sinned
  55 A Voice to Our Story
  66 God in the face of disaster
  73 When You Get a Raw Deal
  77 When You Are Troubled and Depressed
  90 The Sovereignty of God
  91 He Is Personal
  100 Living with an Attitude of Gratitude
  100 The Protocol of Worship
  100 The Lord Is God and Good
  101 Building a Godly Home for the New Year
  103 Bless the Lord, O My Soul
  104 Funeral Message for a Suicide Victim
  107 The Goodness of God
  127 Plans for Building a Christian Home
  138 Praise His Name
  139 When You Feel Like a Nobody Going Nowhere
  145 The Goodness of God
  145 God Is Great
Proverbs 1:7 Do You Really Desire Wisdom?
  2 The World Is Not Enough
  4 Guard Your Heart
  7 Drawing a Line for Sexual Purity
  22 My Favorite Name
  24 Taking a Stand for Life
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11; 2:22-23 Created for Work
  5:1-7 The Preparation of Worship
  6:1-7 Created for Rest
  12:1-14 Life Question 4: Why Am I Here?
Isaiah 6 The King and I
  6:1 The Down Side of Worship: Preparation
  6:1-4 The Up Side of Worship: Praise
  6:1-4 The Lord, He Is God
  6:5-7 The In Side of Worship: Purity
  6:8-13 The Out Side of Worship: Proclamation
  7 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  9 Joy to the World
  45:5 Baptist Faith and Message, Sermon 2: God
  53 God Speaks and Promises a Savior
  54 Funeral Message for a Suicide Victim
Jeremiah 1 Make No Excuses
  8, 9 Let Your Heart Be Broken
  8:4-21 Answering While God Calls
  20 Rise Above Discouragement
  37, 38 Persevere in Obedience
Ezekiel 1, 3 When God Wakes You Up
Daniel   The Rival and Real Kingdoms
  1 Exiled and Holy
Joel 2 When the Church Prays - The Great Awakening
Obadiah   Getting Off the Sidelines
Jonah 1
Six Signs We Need to Return to God
  1-2 God Wants You Back
  2 Confinement, Communion, and Confession
  3 A Second Chance with God
  4 A Heartless Prophet
Nahum   Understanding God's Judgment
Habbakuk selected When God Can't Be Explained
  2 The Just Live by Faith
Haggai   Putting First Things First
Malachi 2 Do You Honor Your Commitments?
  3 How Do You Treat God?
  3-4 What is Your Decision?
Matthew 1:18-25 Interruptions at Christmas
Are You Satisfied with Christmas?
  3:13-17 The Baptism of Jesus and Our Baptism
  4:1-11 The Devil Made Me Do It
  5:1-9 Reconstructing Your Heart
  5:6 Hungering for the Righteousness of God
  5:8 Walking in Purity before God
  5:13-16 Making a Lasting Impact
  5:13-16 Your Mission in the Marketplace
  5:13-16, 6:10 Baptist Faith and Message: The Christian and the social order
  5:23-25 Jesus' Plan for Resolving Conflict
  5:38-24 Room for Revenge?
  5:44 My Heart Beating in Time with His
  6:9 The God We Call Father
  6:24 The Power of Money
  6:33 Kingdom Living
  7:24-29 Jesus Wants Loving Obedience
  7:24-30 Did Jesus Play Favorites?
  8 The Unexpected Storm
  9 Being Biblical
  9:35-38 Bringing in the Harvest
  9:37-38 My Heart Beating in Time with His
  11 The Rest of Jesus
  11:28-30 Terms of Transformation
  13:54-58 Rejected: Jesus at the Synagogue
  14:13-32 The Times that Try Men's Souls
  14:22-33 Dare to Leave the Boat
  15:21-28 Crumbs for Dogs
  16:13-18 Caesarea Philippi: Confronting Reality
  18:15-17 Jesus' Plan for Resolving Conflict
  20 Investing in Others
Baptist Faith and Message - The Kingdom of God
  24:4-14 The Certain End of an Uncertain Culture
  26:6-13 Practical Worship
  26:50-53, 65-68 Room for Revenge?
  27:15-26 What Difference Did the Cross Make?
  28 Go Tell It on the Mountain
  28:1-10 Feelings You Never Forget
  28:19 The Spirit Defined
Mark 1, 2, 4 The Prophet, Priest, and King of Miracles
  4:35-41 Funeral Message for a Sudden, Unexpected Death
  5:21-43 Ministry in Physical Crisis
  8:22-26 Walking Trees
  12:28-31 Building a Legacy that Lasts
Luke 1:26-38 The Angels Announce the Good News
  1:26-38 Surprises from Heaven
  2:8-18 And They Were Amazed
  2:36-38 Anna's Witness: The Messengers of Evangelism
  5 Usefulness: The Impact Virtue
  7:1-10 Strength through Authority
  9:57-60 Fit for Service
  10:18-24 Battle for the Heart
  10:38-42 Successful Siblings
  10:38-42 The Business of Heaven
  11:1-13 Talk This Way (the Lord's Prayer)
An Interview with Jesus
  15 The Far Country
  15 Does God Love You?
A Lifestyle of Thanksgiving
  17:12-19 Offering Thanksgiving
  19 Out on a Limb
A Call to Remember: The Lord's Supper
  23:50-53 What Difference Did the Cross Make?
  24:13-35 Jesus Opens Our Eyes
  24:13-49 The Resurrection Changes Everything
  24:15-31 When We Don't See Jesus
  24:16-29 A Walk from the Resurrection
  24:27 God Speaks an Unchanging Message
John 1 God's Great Mystery Revealed
  1:1-2, 6
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Said It
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Made It
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Show It
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I'm Here
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Am Here
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Give It
Hello, My Name Is Jesus: I Have Come
  1:14, 18 I Wonder as I Wander
  1:1-5, 9-14
The Miracle of the Manger
  2:1-11 What's Water Got to Do with It?
  3 The Greatest Miracle: The Message of Evangelism
  3:14-15 Snakebite: The Judgment of Sin and the Cross of Christ
  4:16-39 True Worship
  6 What's in Your Lunchbox?
  6:5-23 The Miracle of Thanksgiving
  8:31-36 True Freedom
  8:32,18:37-38 Life Question 2: What is Truth?
Baptist Faith and Message: God's grace and our assurance
  12:1-8 Three Ways to Honor Jesus
  12:9-12 What Kind of Savior Are You Looking For?
  12:12-19 The Parade: The People Who Would Never Forget
  12:20-43 Blinders of the Heart
  12:32 The Power of Worship
  13:34-35 How to Show Love and Respect to Others
  14:1-6 Jesus Is the Answer
  14:13-14; 16:23-24 In the Name of Jesus
  14:16-17 The Spirit's Identity: A Person Who Is God
  16:8-11 How to Witness to Anyone
  16:8-15 The Spirit's Role: Helping Us See Jesus
  17 The Power of Oneness
  17:20-23 Unified in Purpose
  19:38-42 What Difference Did the Cross Make?
  20 The Savior: Why We Never Forget
Acts 1 Sharing Christ in All Places
  1:1-14 While You Wait
  2:21-42 A New Community
  4:23-36 A Winning Witness
  4:32-33 Unified in Purpose
  6:1-5 The Priority of Praying Together
  6:1-7 God Speaks ... and His Word Guides Us
  8 Trusing God After the Worst Day of your Life
  9:10-31 The Power of a Faithful Friend
  10 Grace Relations
  12:1-11 Principles for a Powerful Prayer Meeting
  13:22 Following the Heart of God
  15:1-21 Fight the Good Fight
  16:11-15 Lydia: A Model of Service and Hospitality
  16:16-25 Say No to Anxiety
  17 Sharing Christ with All People
Life Question 1: Does God Exist?
  17:16-31 Life Question 6: Are All Religions Equal?
  19 Pursue Your Passion
The Lord's Supper: A Reminder, Opportunity, and Invitation
  27-28 Ministry in Natural Disaster
Romans 1:18 When the Church Prays: The Great Awakening
  3:21-26 Justified by the Returning King
  5:3-5 Endurance: The Resilient Virtue
  5:12-21 The True and Better Adam
  5:12-6:24 Reigning with a New Heart
  6:3-11 Alive from the Dead!
  8 God Is for Us!
  8:1-17 Breaking the Chains of Sin
  8:28, 35-39 Hope at the Bottom of the Mountain
  8:28-39 Called to Be a Super-Champion
  11:33 The Miracle of the Method
  12 Living a Changed Life
  12 Finding Our Place of Service
  12:1-2 Committing Your All to Jesus
  15 The Bible in the Church
  16 The Wisdom of God
1 Cor. 1 The Wisdom of God
  1 Agreeing on the Basics: Church Life 101
  1:18-31 A Missional Community
  4:1-21 Are You Ready for Extreme Servanthood?
  3 United We Stand
  3:1-3 When Transformation Stalls 
  10 Godliness: The Serious Virtue
  11 The Symbols: So You Will Never Forget
  12 Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift
  15 Life Question 5: What Happens When I Die?
  15 If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?
  15:1-3 Understanding Your Bible
  15:1-11 The Saints: People Who Can't Forget
  15:50-58 The Body I've Always Wanted
2 Cor. 4:1-6 Glory on Display
  4:1-18 The Undeniable Mark of a Champion
  4:16-18 Fine-Tune Your Focus
  5:11-19 Motivation for Ministry
  5:11-21 Spiritual Disciplines: Evangelism
  5:17 The Change You Need
  13:11-13 New Beginnings: A Graduate Recognition Sermon
Galatians 1-2 Deserting Grace
  2:1-14 A Hill to Die On
  2:11-21 A Grace-Centered Community
  3:1-3; 5:5 The Spirit's Work: From Start to Finish
  4:4 The Miracle of the Moment
Ephesians 1:15-23 Got Wisdom?
  2:1-3 I Am a Sinner Who Needs a Savior
  2:8-9 You Can't Earn a Gift
  2:11-22 Created to Relate
  4:1-3 A Clearly Different Way to Walk
  4:1-16 A Theology that Always Leads to Mission
  4:2-6 What We Are Becoming
  4:7-10 The Power to Change
  5:15-16 Spiritual Disciplines: The Stewardship of Life
  5:18 Baptist Faith and Message: The Holy Spirit
  5:25-32 Are You Married or Just Dating the Church?
  6:18 I'm All Over It!
Philippians 1 The Three Piers of a Successful Family
  1-2 Encouragement for a Country at War
  1:1-6 What You Remember When You Need to Remember
  1:3-11 Praying for Your Friends
  2:1-11 A United Community
  2:1-5 An Encouragement for Us to Get Along
  2:5-11 Jesus Wants Humble Service
  2:5-11 What Child Is This?
  2:13-14 Understanding How God Changes Me
  3:4-17 Encouragement for the Long Haul
  4:4-7 Say No to Anxiety
  4:4-13 Encouragement When You Need It Most
  4:11 Contentment: The Learned Virtue
Colossians 1:9-12 Praying for Your Friends
  1:13-14 Jesus Forgives Our Sins
  1:13-18 The Days After Christmas and A New Year
  1:15-20 The Incomparable Christ
  1:19-23 Jesus Died for Us
  1:21-23 Reconciled and Remaining
  3:1-12 God Is Good
  3:9-10 Created in God's Image
  3:12-17 Jesus Restores Our Lives
  3:22-4:1 The Worth of Your Work
  3:23-24 Created for Work
  4 The Prayer Life of a Christian
  4:2-4 Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer
1 Thess. 4:13-16 The Power of Hope
1 Timothy 2:1-4 My Heart Beating in Time with His
  4:7-8, 11-16 Following the Returning King
2 Timothy 1:1-7 Jesus Wants Steadfast Faithfulness
  2 Graduation: Investments and Dividends
  2:15 God Speaks ... and We Must Interpret His Word
  3:16-17 God Speaks ... and We Can Trust His Word
  4:1-2 Following the Returning King
Philemon   When Someone You Love Is Hurting
Hebrews 1:1-3 
The Miracle of the Message
  1:1-4 He Is Worthy of Our Worship
  2:8 Life Question 3: Who Am I?
  4:1-11 Created for Rest
  4:14-16 The Day the Priests Dropped Dead
  6:9-11 Assuring Your Knowledge of God
  11:1-7 Living By Faith in God
  11:8-9 Be Careful Coming Home
  11:23-29 Fuel for the Journey
  12:4-11 Delight in Discipline
James 1:1-4 When You Suffer
  1:13-18 The Lure of Sin
  1:19-25 God Speaks ... and We Must Obey His Word
  2:1-13 Performance or Mercy?
  2:22-25 Do You Really Desire Wisdom?
  3:1-18 The Power of Words
  4:1-2 Why We Believe Better Than We Behave Concerning Prayer
  4:1-6 Who Wants to Fight in Church?
  4:1-10 Why We Fight
  5:1-11 Retaliation or Rescue?
1 Peter 1 The Holiness of God
  1 The Mark of Distinctiveness
  1:3-8 Perseverance through the Returning King
  1:3-12 The Significance of Our Faith
  1:13-22; 2:1 Characters Welcome: Being Different for Jesus
  1:18-25 Redeemed!
  2 What Do People See in You?
  2:1-7 Spiritual Success
  2:21-25 The Awful Word: Submission
  3:8-11 Five Ways to Defuse Conflict
  4:1, 12 Perseverance through the Returning King
  4:7 Life in the Meantime
  5:6-11 Jesus Takes Care of Us
1 John 1 Complete Joy: A Motive for Evangelism
  1:3 How to Connect with God's Family
  2:1-6 Christ our Advocate
  2:3-6 Obeying the Commandments
  3:11-18 Loving the Family
  3:13-23 Jesus Lives for Us
  5:12-13 Do you know for certain that you have eternal life?
Revelation 4-5 Spiritual Disciplines: Worship
  5:1-10 Created to Rule
  7:9-17 The Lamb Who Became a Shepherd
  8:1-5 The Critical Mass that Unleashes God's Will
  12:1-6 Unhappy Holidays at Christmas
  19:11-16 The Conquering King
  21, 22 Consummation in the Returning King
Various   May I Introduce You to the Holy Spirit?
    Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
    A Mother Called by God
    Two Sermons on Giving
    Why Baptists Cooperate
    The Secrets of a Healthy Home
    Fireproof Your Marriage
    Judah: A Warned, Judged, and Promised People
    Sermon for Commissioning Mission Teams: Why We Go
    Baptist Faith and Message: The Bible Is God's Word
    He Is Lord
    Masterful Thanksgiving
    The King's Speech