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Training Thru 2022

Training Through 2022

Here’s an easy and extremely affordable way to train your group leaders. These webinars were recorded in 2022 and highlight principles that group leaders/teachers can apply immediately to build their confidence, strengthen their groups, and enhance their Bible studies. There are 10 different topics led by Ken Braddy, Lifeway’s foremost expert on group leader training. Just click on the replay to get caught up.

5 Principles for Making Disciples

Scripture commands us to go and make disciples. In this webinar, Ken will share ways that group leaders can be proactive in making disciples in today's environment.

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Following Up with First-Time Guests

Every ongoing group has them—first-time guests. Discover principles and best practices for getting new people assimilated into your Bible study group.

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How to Ask Great Questions and Lead Engaging Discussion

There's a right and wrong way to ask questions during your Bible study. Some questions boost discussion, while others kill it. Discover the difference between the two, and get your group interacting during the Bible study.

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3 Stages in Creating an Out-of-This-World Bible Study

Rockets have different stages that lift them into space, and every Bible study has three distinct stages to propel it forward. Misfire in any one of those stages and your group won't experience a fully satisfying Bible study experience. In this webinar, you'll learn the three stages plus tips for using each one to create a great study experience every time.

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“Ken’s 10” – Top Tips for Leading Group Bible Study

Group Bible study is part art and part science. In this webinar, Ken shares his top tips and tricks for teaching the Bible in a way that engages people, along with ways to maximize study tools like the Personal Study Guide. He'll also show you how to address challenges like over-talkers and people who are not fully participating.

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Creating a New Scorecard for Groups

Discover a new way to measure success besides counting attendance, based on Ken's new book by B&H Publishing: Breakthrough: Creating a New Scorecard for Group Ministry Success.

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6 Benefits of Using Ongoing Studies in Your Group

Your job as a leader is to make disciples of the people in your group. Using ongoing Bible studies makes that much easier, and they create a better experience for your members and guests. In this webinar, you'll discover six benefits of using ongoing studies as your primary plan for helping people grow.

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Discovering the One Tool for Building a Better Bible Study

Every group leader has the job of building great Bible studies, but not all do it well. Lifeway's Adult Group Box is like opening a "teacher toolbox" that gives you all you need to design and build great studies each week. Discover ways this resource can help you build studies that engage your group members.

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7 Ways to Shrink Your Bible Study Group

Shrinking your Bible study group isn't your goal, so don't make common mistakes that tend to drive people away. Learn how to avoid seven things that cause people to stop attending your group.

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Shepherding Your Sheep

As a group leader you are responsible for shepherding the people in your Bible study group. We'll learn some best practices for caring for God's people as we lead and feed them.

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