10 Attributes of an Unshakable Kids Ministry

10 Attributes of an Unshakable Kids Ministry

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned ‘normal’ on its head. It has closed our businesses, cancelled our schools and scattered our churches. Many of us feel as though our worlds, and our ministries, have been picked up by the ankles and shaken. We’ve all scrambled to figure out new ways to do ministry, and we wonder how long this will last. You may be filled with uncertainty about how to react and how to move forward with any measure of confidence. You may be questioning whether you should scrap everything you’ve ever done and initiate a complete reset on your kids ministry strategy.

The truth is, we do need to re-evaluate our strategies in light of this changing not-so-normal normal. But we also need to be careful not to chase recklessly after every new idea that arises. We need to consciously purpose to build our ministries on unshakable ideas that will help them remain strong no matter what circumstance comes.

We have identified 10 attributes to help you build your kids ministry on an unshakable foundation.

  • Family Focused

  • Missionally Minded

  • Not Limited by Location

  • Driven by Vision

  • Relationally Strong

  • Kid-Engaging

  • Age Aware

  • Trustworthy Teaching

  • Volunteer Honoring

  • Characterized by Confidence

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