Restless Bible Study Book

Restless: Because You Were Made for More

Study The Story of Joseph and See How We Fit Into the Greater Story of God

An 8-Session Study by Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen explores the important question: "Do I matter?" And she asks, "We live with lots of things, lots of people, but do we live for something?" It is possible to waste our lives. We don't want to live life feeling empty, numb, or bored. So God stirs a restlessness in our being that won't go away.

Using the story of Joseph, Jennie explains how his suffering, gifts, story, and relationships fit into the greater story of God—and how your story can do the same. She also introduces Threads—a tool to help you see your own personal story and to uncover and understand the raw materials God has given you to use for His glory and purpose. (8 sessions)

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