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1 Interesting Fact About the Women of the New Testament

Beth Moore shares a message of hope for all women with an excerpt from her book "Audacious."

Women of the bible

There is a dreamer somewhere in all of us.

This dreamer wants to believe in ridiculous things like happy endings, enduring romances, quests and kingdoms, buried treasures worth hunting and valiant adventures worth sweating and bleeding for. 

We have a dreamer in there who wants to believe that good really can overcome evil and that, one glorious day, the poorest of the poor will be the richest of the rich (James 2:5). 

I’m talking about the kind of dreamer that believes every life has an actual purpose and that a plan is in motion that can and will and must turn out well. 

The Bible shamelessly validates every single one of those dreams with a corresponding reality.

Eternity Set in Our Hearts

The Maker of heaven and earth embedded deep within the human psyche an innate suspicion that He is out there. We can silence it, of course, but it takes a fair amount of commitment to keep it silent. More often it whispers in the quiet when we’re all alone and squirms in the stillness when we’ve got no place to go. 

The writer of Ecclesiastes called it “eternity set in our hearts” (see 3:11). When we’re courageous enough to sit in the dark without the light of a cell phone, we know instinctively this life can’t be it. We know that our physical bodies seem ill-fit for our ageless souls.

Though death and dying are as natural as birth and living, we are insulted and offended by them with the vehemence of a creature designed to outlast them. Something in us keeps on insisting that dying seems wrong, like we’re malformed for it—maladjusted to it, even after innumerable generations of sons and daughters who can’t, for the life of us in all our evolving, find a way to avoid it. 

We’ve never really believed that seeing is believing. We stare at the sea wondering about the deep. We stare at the stars wondering how far we are from a whole different world.

We're All Looking

We know somewhere deep inside of us that God is out there, that He can be found and known, and that perhaps the person we were created to be is found and known in Him. We may not want to want Him. 

But we do. We were fashioned to. 

We are dying to find someone worthy of our unabashed, wholly unguarded trust. We’re all looking for Jesus. We just keep looking for Him in other faces, palms and places. 

When we do find Him, we find the Giver (Romans 8:32). That part of us dying to find someone to freely give ourselves to was created in His image.

  • If Jesus wants your hands free, He has something to put in them. 
  • If He wants your feet loose, He has somewhere to plant them. 
  • If He wants your mouth shut, He has a new set of words to put in it. 

He’s not trying to cheat you or trick you. He’s not placing bets on you or playing games with you. He does not dispense grace with an eyedropper. He drenches us with it. He doesn’t offer bare existence. He extends life abounding in blessing, power, passion and purpose. 

If people tell you God is stingy, they don’t know their Bible.

4 Life Changing Words from Jesus

There’s this fabulous scene in the Gospel of John where Jesus sends His disciples to town to grab some lunch and He stays behind and meets a woman at a well. She’d been preoccupied for years, repeating the same relational cycle, filling up the same empty jar the same empty way, looking for the life she was longing for. We’re not told her name. It’s easier that way to give her ours. She had no idea that audacious love was staring her right in the face. He said four words to her that I think He wants to say to each of us: “If you only knew” (John 4:10a, NLT).

You. Not someone else you know. Not someone needier, less self-sufficient, gutsier or more religious. 

Once the woman knew, she left that jar, ran into town, and told everybody she could find to come and see. Because, once you know, you want everybody else to know, too. “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water” (John 4:10, NLT).

That’s what Jesus said. If you only knew what He has for you. Not only after you kiss this life goodbye but, here on this earth and now in this season. If only you knew, your heart would be so swept up in audacious love that nothing could keep you from the life you were born to live.

1 Interesting Fact About Women of the New Testament

You can forget about not being His type.

I did a little research in the New Testament from the first page to the last and drew up a list of every female on sacred record who was personally impacted by Jesus. 

The age-span stretched the slack out of a tape measure all the way from a little girl to a woman in her 80s. Some among them were single; others married, widowed and divorced. Some were impoverished; others were wealthy. Some were just getting by and some were of means enough to support Jesus and His band of disciples on the traveling circuit (Luke 8:3). Some of the women marked by Jesus were moms and some weren’t. Some were in ministry; others were merchants. Some were religious types. Still others, not.

But no matter what, they were all His type. And they were just like us.

In Acts 16, a very successful businesswoman is just one verse removed from a girl enslaved and trafficked (Acts 16:14- 16). Among the women who encountered Christ in the pages of Scripture, you find the devastated, bleeding, busy, grieving, sick, dying, doubting, thriving, adulterous, ambitious, wise, despised, demon-possessed and severely oppressed. 

If you are drawing breath, you’re Christ’s type. If Mary Magdalene couldn’t run Him off with seven demons, then you can't run Him off with your problems. He has come looking for you. And somewhere deep inside of you is a girl looking for Him. 

Excerpt taken from Audacious, by Beth Moore. © Beth Moore. Audacious is published by B&H Publishing. All rights reserved. Available at

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