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Why Identity Matters

Jesus Christ inhabited time and space in the first century and is recognized around the world as the most loving, powerful, and influential person ever to have walked the earth. But also this: His entire life is a vivid illustration of the priority of identity.

God Knows Every Hair on Your Head

God knows every detail about you—likes/dislikes, personal characteristics, locations, family, and so much more. He’s an expert on you. He could write a book about you. He could write THE book about you.

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The Truth About Spiritual Warfare and Why It's Important to Pray

Spiritual warfare is real. But don't worry, Priscilla Shirer shows with her study "The Armor of God" that God has provided everything you need in order to live victoriously.

10 Popular Women's Bible Studies

LifeWay's top-selling women’s Bible studies of 2018 include a variety of topics from hearing God’s voice to making a new start and finding Sabbath rest as well as exploring books of the Bible, including Genesis and the Gospel of John. Read on to see what God may be guiding you to study.