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How Do We Receive Our Spiritual Gifts?

Jesus has bestowed us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so we can know Him better and be empowered to share the gospel around the world. We don’t do ministry in isolation or on our own, but within the community of the church, with Christ our King as the head of the body

Be Kind — It's the Spiritually Mature Thing To Do

We can be both kind and courageous because we have the truth on our side. To be kind is seen by the Bible as a sign of spiritual maturity. It’s something the Spirit of God does in us over time.

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God is a Good, Good Father

You’re a child of the Most-High God. God will never waste a tear, and He has the power to restore every shattered situation. It’s in the middle of your greatest pain where God wants to meet with you.

How to Trust God's Calendar

As we endeavor to trust God’s calendar, we need wisdom to discern what to pencil into ours. Isaiah’s message gives us practical insights that will help us make plans while holding them loosely in anticipation of divine interventions.