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Finding Manna in Your Wilderness

This entire planet is about wilderness, but God is about manna. The journey of life is not a matter of finding our way out of the wilderness but finding the manna inside the wilderness.

How Should Christians Respond to Halloween?

This is why I love Halloween and love for Christians to open their doors on this day: it is the one day of the year your neighbors knock on your door! Let’s be there to open it! One of our greatest commandments is to love our neighbors (Mark 12:30–31).

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How Can I Pray Over My Family?

God hears the prayers of a mother for her sons and daughters. And dads, your prayers are weighted with the power to make a difference! We fully believe that in addition to God’s grace toward our children, it’s the prayers we prayed for our children that had the most impact in seeing each one of them become passionate Jesus followers.

Use Fashion for Change: Find 31 Bits Jewelry at LifeWay

When you’re looking for a gift, you want to know that your gift means just as much as who’s receiving it. When you visit your local LifeWay store or view online, you might see some jewelry made from paper beads—but there’s a much bigger story behind it.