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Has Your Heart Become Hardened?

Jesus often used familiar concepts to explain unfamiliar spiritual truths. In the parable of the soils, Jesus identified four potential types of soil that represent the human heart and He explained the parable in further detail. 

Embrace the Newness of Christ in the New Year

Tthe reason we sing Advent carols about the birth of Jesus is because He came to die to free us. Christmas may be all about a monumental birth, but what the world so desperately needed was a sacrificial death. 

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Listen for God's Voice Over the Noise of the World

How did things become so crazy? Why do we find ourselves frazzled and feeling overwhelmed? I think we have the tendency to listen to the wrong voice. We have to intentionally tune out the world and take in God's Word.

Jesus’ Arrival Compels Us to Anticipate His Return

Jesus came to bring radical transformation to you and me. The world didn’t know it, but He was about to do something new. His first advent accomplishes everything we need in order to be prepared for His second.