The bigger story matters most.

We are often quick to view the stories of Scripture in isolation, but the Bible is more than just stories. When you put it all together–the books of poetry, prophecy, history, and letters–a single story emerges. The Gospel Project invites adults, students, and kids to step into God's redemption story and allow the gospel to transform their Bible study, hearts, churches, and mission.

In the fall of 2018, The Gospel Project begins a new chronological journey of Scripture.

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The Gospel Project provides chronological, Christ-centered Bible studies that immerse your entire church in the story of the gospel—God’s plan to rescue His people from sin through His Son, Jesus Christ. We invite you to experience these studies firsthand by downloading four free sessions for each age level: adults, students, kids, and preschoolers. There’s no obligation to buy.

Your free preview includes everything you need for a complete Bible study experience for four weeks:

  • Bible story videos, activity pages, and music samples for Preschool and Kids
  • Leader Guides for all ages
  • The new Daily Discipleship Guide for Adults and Students

These are actual studies taken from our new study cycle that begins in Fall 2018. We encourage you to review, share with your ministry team, and use in your groups as you see fit.

All Ages Study Plan
All Ages Study Plan
All Ages Study Plan
All Ages Study Plan

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All Ages Study Plan

All-Ages Study Plan

In the fall of 2018, The Gospel Project begins a new, three-year chronological study plan for all ages.

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