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Comeback Groups

Examine the elements of revival during King Asa’s reign (2 Chronicles) and apply those principles to the ongoing work of your Bible study group today.

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If we want our church and Bible study groups to focus on reaching people far from God, then we must create a culture that encourages and celebrates reaching people. Farsighted examines ways of creating a culture of outreach, giving some practical ideas for building and reinforcing such a climate.

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Find out if what you are doing in your small-group ministry is working using the measurement tool in this resource.

It Begins with Prayer

Get practical suggestions for implementing a culture within the Sunday School class—built around answers to thought-provoking questions about prayer found in Arthur Flake’s journal.

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Building a Disciple-making Ministry

Examine the principles and techniques used by Arthur Flake to reestablish Bible study groups after the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919.

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Saddle Up

Learn to prepare yourself to lead a group, not in your own strength, but by allowing God to work in and through you.

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