Pastor Appreciation

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Purchase gifts and church bulletins now as you prepare to celebrate your pastor. Show your gratitude for his hard work, integrity and dedication to the Kingdom and your church body.

Ideas for Pastor Appreciation

10 Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Month and Pastor Appreciation Day are great opportunities every October to show how much you care for your pastor and church leaders. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate them this year.

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6 Ways to Thank Your Pastor

Pastor Appreciation Month is an important time to thank your pastor and leaders. Discover what you can do to be an encouragement to your pastor and his family throughout the year.

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9 Types of Books That Make Every Church Leader More Effective

What kind of books should we read? What kind of books make us more effective leaders? Let's look beyond the topics of leadership and theology.

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Are You Expecting Too Much of Your Pastor?

The cultural expectations on pastors are mostly unbiblical, entirely impractical, and generally downright unrealistic. It has become an untenable situation, a burden no man can bear.

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