The Gospel Project for Students - Winter 2024

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Volume 10: From Many People to One People

From Many People to One People focuses on the events which took place after the resurrection. Jesus settled the disciples’ doubts when He appeared to them in His resurrected body, extending forgiveness, restoration, and peace. Jesus then gave them a new purpose: to boldly share the gospel with the world, knowing He would be with them. As they wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples couldn’t have known what a powerful gift this would be, a gift every believer receives—God dwelling within and enabling us to powerfully share the gospel with the world. (13 sessions)

Disciple Your Students Digitally

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best way to connect with a teen is through the screen in their hand. That’s where the digital curriculum experience comes in. Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform makes Lifeway’s digital curriculum easy to:

  • Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs

  • Easily share and distribute resources and trainings 

  • Disciple people in a group or at home