The Gospel Project for Students - Summer 2024

Volume 12: From This World to the World to Come

The Volume 12 study, From This World to the World to Come, explores the rich content of the Epistles and Revelation. These books were written to instruct believers in the early churches on how to live. Along with them, believers today are living in the "already and not yet." Jesus has already won the victory over sin and death, but how are we to live while we wait for eternity? How do we live like we're redeemed? The Epistles give us wisdom and guidance for how we can wait well—how to wait with hope. We have the great hope of heaven, where we'll spend eternity worshiping our great and glorious King. While we wait, we walk as citizens of our real home, spreading the gospel and sharing Christ's love with the world. (13 sessions)

Disciple Your Students Digitally

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best way to connect with a teen is through the screen in their hand. That’s where the digital curriculum experience comes in. Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform makes Lifeway’s digital curriculum easy to:

  • Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs

  • Easily share and distribute resources and trainings 

  • Disciple people in a group or at home