The Gospel Project for Students - Fall 2024

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Covenant and Creation

The Volume 1 study, Creation and Covenant, focuses on the events which took place in the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth. God walked with Adam and Eve, but sin separated them from Him. As Adam, Eve, and their descendants navigate the fallen world outside of Eden, they struggle to live as their Creator intended. But God’s plan for redemption—like a thread woven throughout all of human history—was already in motion. God made a covenant to bless all people through Abraham, regardless of how much humans would fail to keep their end of the promise to follow the Him. God continually displayed faithfulness to His people even though they were unfaithful to Him. (13 sessions)

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Disciple Your Students Digitally

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best way to connect with a teen is through the screen in their hand. That’s where the digital curriculum experience comes in. Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform makes Lifeway’s digital curriculum easy to:

  • Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs

  • Easily share and distribute resources and trainings 

  • Disciple people in a group or at home