The Gospel Project for Adults - Spring 2024

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Volume 11: From One Nation to All Nations 

The Gospel Project is a chronological study of Scripture that helps adults dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our spring study is From One Nation to All Nations.

Jesus’s ministry on earth began with the Jews, His chosen people, and He reached out to bless Samaritans and Gentiles as well. This same pattern was reflected in His church. At first, the believers proclaimed the gospel to the Jews in Jerusalem and Judea, and then they expanded their ministry, as the Spirit led them, taking the gospel to Samaritans and Gentiles. As people from other nations heard about Jesus crucified and raised for the sins of the world, they humbled themselves in repentance and faith and were joined to the church, becoming one nation, one people, one kingdom unified in Jesus Christ. And people are still being added today. (13 sessions)

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