Explore The Bible: Adult - Spring 2019: Mark

For many today, Christianity is about morality, knowledge, or social connections. But for first century Christians it was first about identity with Jesus—following after Him, doing what He did, and obeying His commands. This spring, as you explore the Gospel of Mark in its biblical and cultural context, many of your preconceptions about Christianity may be challenged. You may find yourself faced with difficult questions about what it actually means to be a follower of Jesus. And if this happens, you will be blessed. (13 sessions)

Adults Group Box

Everything you need for an all-in-one-box group experience at a discounted price. Includes 10 Personal Study Guides, 1 Leader Guide, 1 Leader Pack, 1 Quicksource, 1 Biblical Illustrator, and access to a free Wordsearch Bible digital library.


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Adult Study Guides and Leader Guide

Study Guides

Chose from the following options and order one per group member and extras for guests.

Leader Guide

Features simple study plan with extensive commentary. Order one per leader.

Digital Downloads

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Additional Leader Helps

Leader Packs

Includes variety of teaching and visual aids.


Covers biblical context and historical background of study passages in great depth.


Helpful for leaders seeking a more discussion-oriented approach.

Biblical Illustrator

Features articles on biblical archaeology, customs, and locations.

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