Explore the Bible: Adults - Summer

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Acts 1–12

God doesn't just want us to read His Word, He wants us to know it and live its truth. That's why Explore the Bible: Adults takes groups book by book through Scripture, framing every passage in its appropriate biblical and cultural context.

This summer, we’ll study the first twelve chapters of Acts. Legacies are vital to who we are as individuals and cultures. We all trace our roots to someone who lived somewhere at some time. Knowing how those legacies came to us creates a link between our past and our desired future. In Acts 1–12, we uncover the backstory of our Christian legacy. We get a step-by-step account of how our legacy as Christ followers was built and why it has survived for more than two thousand years. Most important, we’re challenged to expand that legacy in our own generation. (13 sessions)

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