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Driving Record Report - Frequently Asked Questions

For positions requiring driving, organizations frequently want to order a copy of the subject's driving record before hiring them. Below we address some limitations and common questions.


Why do I need to sign a special agreement to order driving record reports?

Because driving record information is not public record information and we retrieve the information directly from the respective state institution.


Will a DUI show up on a driving record report?

No, a DUI is not expected to show up. If you specifically want to order a search to uncover possible DUI offenses, we recommend you order a criminal search.


Can you report CDL information?

Yes, as part of a driving record report, we report the license class, which could be CDL.


Do you have an overview of the access costs that each state charges?

No, these vary by state and are subject to change without notice. These access charges range from a few dollars to over $20. Before you finalize your order, we will show the exact access fee for that state at that time.


Clear Investigative Advantage will be happy to consult with your ministry or organization in order to determine the best background searches for your individual needs. Discounts are only available to organizations that sign up via the Lifeway website. Additional background screening products are available after sign up.

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