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Hyfi Digital Curriculum

A Digital Curriculum to Reach the Next Generation of Kids and Students

Kids and students are looking for belonging and identity, and many of them are finding their answers outside of the church. Hyfi digital curriculum flips the script on traditional ministry to give you effective tools and strategies to reach the next generations for Christ.

"Hyfi is fun, easy to use, and most importantly theologically sound! We love it, and there's no going back for our church."

Soma Christian Church, CA

kids on floor
  • Create a culture of belonging centered on relationships.
  • Root identity in Christ through 12 simple truths that teach kids who they are in Him. 
  • Foster a fun atmosphere with high-quality media and games. 
  • Provide Biblically sound content with a clear picture of Jesus and the Gospel in every session. 
  • Adapt as needed through fully digital, media-driven resource that's simple to plan, prep, and execute.