Say “Hi” to Hyfi!

Is a new Bible curriculum necessary? We believe it is. Culture is changing, and kids and students are searching for identity and longing for belonging more than ever before.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are desperate to know who they are, and ministry leaders desire a curriculum that is both fun and faithful.

Through 12 simple biblical truths, Hyfi guides kids and students to learn who they are because of who God is. Hyfi equips leaders with an experience that cultivates deep trust and connection with every kid that walks through the door.

Hyfi Highlights

1. Teaches 12 simple, biblical truths—guiding kids and students to learn who they are because of who God is.

One of the biggest questions kids and students are facing today is “Who Am I?” They are constantly hearing messages from the culture like “Follow your heart.” “Be true to yourself.” “Live your truth.” God has a counter-cultural answer for this question. In Hyfi kids and students will open the Bible to discover who God says they are.

2. Creates a culture of belonging centered on relationships, so every kid or student feels included and connected.

Kids and students long to belong. They seem to be in a constant search for a group that understands them and welcomes them in. Every local church can be a place where kids and students feel welcomed. Kids and students should hear the message: Here You Feel Included.

3. Fosters a fun atmosphere with high-quality media and games.

What if every Sunday had the energy and engagement of camp or VBS? Kids and students often thrive in environments where fun and engagement are a FUNdamental part of the experience. When the ministry atmosphere is engaging and fun, kids and students will feel included and welcomed.

4. Includes biblically-sound content with a clear picture of Jesus and the gospel in every session.

The ultimate need of every kid and student is a relationship with Jesus. Hyfi provides Bible stories and gospel connections each week in a real and relevant way. Kids and students will begin to see that “Here You Find Identity (in Christ).”

5. Adapts as needed through an all-digital, media-driven resource that is simple to plan, prep, and execute.

Kids and student ministry leaders often feel the tension of purchasing a resource that needs a little bit of tweaking to fit in their specific ministry context. Using the brand-new Ministry Grid digital leader guide, ministry leaders will be able to customize each session directly inside the digital platform, providing ultimate contextualization and flexibility.

Discover for yourself how Hyfi can bring real connection and true belonging to your ministry. Learn more and get a 14-day free trial at

"Hyfi is fun, easy to use, and most importantly theologically sound! We love it, and there's no going back for our church."

Soma Christian Church, CA

“Hyfi checks all the boxes! It’s rich in Scripture and life application yet relevant to students churched and unchurched. It’s flexible and designed to be led by both the tenured and the new small group leader. The activities and discussion questions get students talking and keep them engaged. And the scope and sequence is simple yet powerful.”

Forest Hills Baptist Church, TN