Explore the Bible: Characters

A Year-Long Exploration of the Bible Through the Lives of Its People

This new seven-volume series progresses through the Bible by focusing on key characters in Scripture. By studying these individuals, we can learn from their examples and see God loves His people and works through us for His glory in the world. Each volume contains six-sessions.

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Volume 1
The Patriarchs

Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph

Volume 2
The Deliverers

Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Samson, Ruth, and Esther

Volume 3
The Kings

Saul, David, Solomon, Asa, Hezekiah, and Josiah

Volume 4
The Prophets

Elijah, Jonah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Malachi

Volume 5

Various points in Jesus’ ministry: birth, baptism, teachings, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Volume 6
The Followers

Philip, Nicodemus, the Samaritan Woman, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Thomas, and Peter

Volume 7
The Early Church Leaders

Stephen, Paul, Barnabas, James, Priscilla & Aquilla, and Timothy

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