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The Story

The Disciples Path series was created by disciple-makers for disciple-makers. We recruited 14 disciple-making church leaders to think through how to instill the doctrines, biblical understandings, principles, and practices of discipleship with the end of making disciples who would make disciples. This group of leaders included senior pastors, education ministers, small group pastors, collegiate ministers, and discipleship pastors from various ministry areas and traditions.

When these experts gathered together in one room, the environment was electric. They discussed biblical expectations of a disciple, Jesus' model of disciple-making, personal experiences in disciple-making, even personal biases. These ideals were verbalized, translated, evaluated, and siphoned through until the team pruned a list of disciple-making principles and practices that are not only biblical but practical.

But these experts did much more than simply define the principles and practices that would be utilized. They determined the studies to create, the sessions to include, and the format to use. And, to ensure consistency and to preserve the passion, most sessions were written by one of these knowledgeable, disciple-making church leaders.

The outcome is a series of studies that, when used as suggested, is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone willing to disciple another believer.

The Philosophy

There are several biblical principles that led to the development of the Disciples Path series: the disciples path is progressive, the disciples path is relational, the disciples path is disciplined, and the disciples path is replicable.

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The Studies

Disciples Path is a series of five- or six-session studies founded on Jesus' model of discipleship.

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Your church can make disciples by starting all your people down the Disciples Path. The entire membership will walk together down the same path and have a common language and training practice.

Also Available

Disciples Path for Students

Disciples Path resources for students follow a similar framework as the adult short-term studies, providing an age-appropriate intentional plan of discipleship for middle and high school students.

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TeamKID: Catching Air (Kids)

Designed as a next step in learning following a new Christian class or for any kid wanting to learn more about Jesus. Developed to complement the adult Disciples Path short-term studies.

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