Bible Studies for Life: Kids - Winter

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In Winter 2023-24, kids and preschoolers will learn about the birth of Jesus. They will learn that God loves people and sent His Son to save the world. Because of God’s love for us, kids and preschoolers will learn that they can show love to others. 

Featured stories include: An Angel Visited Mary, Mary and Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Jonathan Helped David, Isaac Kept Peace, and more!

Disciple Your Kids Digitally

If your kids ministry prefers digital resources, we provide a digital curriculum experience for your kids, leaders, and the whole church. Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform makes Lifeway’s digital curriculum easy to:

  • Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs

  • Easily share and distribute resources and trainings 

  • Disciple people in a group or at home