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Truth and Lies – Individual Use Video (Rent) (for individual viewing) featuring Tim Chaddick. All 6 of these helpful video sessions are available to individuals as rent sessions. This 6-session Bible study will help group members understand how God uses temptation to reveal and bring character out of them. That is, temptation is an opportunity to recognize and choose truth as Jesus did.

These video sessions are most effective when used with the Truth and Lies Bible study book. Rent these sessions as a bundle for personal use or for times you can't be at the group Bible study sessions.

This video will expire 2 weeks after the date of purchase.

Session 1
Voices in Temptation (21:00)

Tim Chaddick opens the first session of Truth and Lies by discussing the first of the three temptations of Christ in Matthew 4:1-4. Tim warns that temptations often show up as whispered suggestions, half-truths, or even truths told as a lie. They linger long because they are embedded into our culture. They could be realities we assume to be true, or they could show up as respected structures in society. These kinds of temptations are the residual work of our Enemy long at work. Satan quietly uses them every day to draw near to us—and we don’t even know it. He’s just waiting for the right time to confuse, isolate, destroy, and conquer. Christians must take hold of the truth that discerning how the Enemy tempts is the first step in better discerning the voice of God.

Session 2
Religious Temptation (17:15)

In this session of Truth and Lies, Tim Chaddick focuses on the second temptation of Christ found in Matthew 4:5-7. We see in this passage that if Satan cannot appeal to the flesh with worldly appetites, he’ll appeal to the flesh with religious passions. And it will probably involve something really big and impressive. You might be convinced it’s from God. There may even be a Bible promise attached to it. But something wrapped in a religious package doesn’t mean it’s God will. Focusing on the “religious,” especially when it’s a presentation from Satan, is deadly. We must become more and more aware of the framework of “religion”—including religious people, places, and things.

Session 3
Success that Lies (18:30)

In the second session of Truth and Lies, Tim Chaddick addresses the final temptation of Christ in Matthew 4:8-11, specifically looking at temptation disguised as success. Tim says that there is a fundamental flaw behind the notion that God wants us to succeed in all that we pursue. Even worse, we believe that every chance to succeed is an opportunity from God. This is a lie that Tim attempts to expose.

Session 4
Habitat for Divinity (17:30)

In the fourth session of Truth and Lies, Tim Chaddick discusses what it looks like for the Spirit to take up residence in our hearts. Tim uses Romans 8:9-11 to talk about this supernatural reality. Yes, we are mortal beings in this life because of sin. Our disobedience paved the way for sin to dwell within us. Much renovation and renewal is needed. But this is all remedied in the gospel. Christ’s death paved the way for Him to dwell within us.

Session 5
Killing Sin (21:00)

In session five of Truth and Lies, Tim Chaddick provides practical tools for the killing of sin, using Romans 8:12-14 as his primary text. He argues that in our lives, we have an Enemy who has waged war against us. Our Enemy sets out to steal, kill, and destroy us (see John 10:10), using sin as his greatest weapon to disconnect us from our Creator. We must find the right way to engage our Enemy within the battlefield of our hearts. We must be prepared, precise, and steady—practicing the disciplines that will help us target sin.

Session 6
Cultivating Virtue (24:00)

In the final session of Truth and Lies, Tim Chaddick breaks down 2 Peter 1:3-11 as he discusses the importance of cultivating virtue as a supplement to our faith. Continual spiritual growth won’t come if we only focus on eradicating sin. There has to be more. Peter acknowledged that God’s divine power gives us what we need for life. However, he instructs us to supplement that life with certain virtues and practices. These disciplines help our spiritual lives to thrive. They become added things that help us see Jesus and become more like Him.


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