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The Gospel of Mark: The Jesus We're Aching For - Video Streaming - Group includes perpetual streaming access* to 7 teaching sessions by Lisa Harper for group viewing. This product includes 10 transferable licenses with perpetual video access for group leaders.

In The Gospel of Mark, you'll follow Jesus through His days of early ministry to the cross and discover what it means to be the recipients of His overflowing compassion and the very reason for His all-consuming passion.

Video Sessions:
  • Session 1: Hold Me Please (35:00)—In the first session, we're introduced to Mark and his fast-paced style of storytelling. Based on the preaching of Peter, Mark's Gospel uniquely reports Jesus' compassionate ministry.
  • Session 2: The Price of Discipleship and the Invaluable Prize of a Forever Family (35:05)—In this session Lisa talks about the price of being a Christ-follower. However, in spite of the cost, when we put our faith in Jesus Christ we're adopted in the forever family of God.
  • Session 3: The One Who Prefers our Chopsticks to Beethoven (37:00)—This session is all about the amazing accessibility of Jesus. Though He is Lord of the universe, He is also an incredibly personal savior. Mark 4 & 5 show us His authority over the natural and supernatural, sickness, and even death, but through the story of the bleeding woman, we learn that He is a Savior who knows us and loves us on an individual, personal level.
  • Session 4: The Unlikely Catalyst of Unbelief (34:00)—In this session we dive into Mark 9 and study Mark's passage on The Mount of Transfiguration. In this teaching we discover that what God promised in the Old Testament is perfectly fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.
  • Session 5: Calling All Curb Sitters (35:05)—In the last eight chapters of the Book of Mark, we turn from studying the compassionate works of Christ and begin the road to the cross. In Mark 10, Jesus continues to heal and perform miracles for the people He encounters, including Bartimaeus. Jesus not only heals him but changes his life.
  • Session 6: When Real Love Leads to Big Trouble (37:10)—In this sixth session we look at Mark 13. In it, Jesus reminds us that even though being His followers in the end times is scary, He is still in control. He promised that there are hard days coming, but we have hope in Him.
  • Session 7: Saving the Last for Best (16:55)—In the last chapter of Mark, we learn about Mary Magdalene, who reminds us that we all have seasons when we feel undeserving to be Jesus' disciples and representatives of His hope. The first witness to the gospel, Mary Magdalene was healed by Jesus and used her former brokenness to proclaim His glorious message. He is our restorer and He calls even the least of us to be vessels of His living hope.

If you need videos to view on your own, we suggest purchasing the Video Streaming - Individual. This Video Streaming - Group option can be viewed by a group of any size. These videos cannot be copied or shared.

*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print.


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