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The Forgotten JesusVideo Sessions (for individual viewing on your personal computer) featuring Robby Gallaty. All 6 of these video sessions are available to purchase as individual, downloadable sessions. This 6-session Bible study will shatter misconceptions of a cultural, Western view of Jesus and guide you to discover the authentic Christ of the Gospels.

These video sessions are most effective when used with The Forgotten Jesus Bible study book. Download any one or more of these sessions for personal use or for times you can’t be at the group Bible study sessions.

Session 1
Considering Jesus’ Jewishness [10:04]

Pastor and author Robby Gallaty says we can’t appreciate the New Testament if we don’t understand the Old Testament. Jesus came to fulfill, or correctly interpret, the Old Testament Law and Prophets. Yet He did so as a first-century Jewish rabbi, not as a twenty-first-century Westerner. By understanding the cultural and religious context of Jesus’ day, we can better understand His teachings and follow Him more faithfully.

Session 2
Jesus’ Childhood [08:46]

When Jesus was left behind in the temple at age twelve, he wasn’t lost. He was busy teaching the truths of His Father’s kingdom, and in doing so, He employed the conventional rabbinic teaching methods of the day. Pastor and author Robby Gallaty argues that historical research can reveal what life was like for Jesus as He grew up in first-century Israel. His family history and cultural background add rich details to His later words and actions as He traveled and taught.

Session 3
Jesus’ Teaching Ministry [08:28]

Jesus said and did some things that forcefully challenged the religious system of His day, including the claim that people must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. Pastor and author Robby Gallaty explores the conventional first-century meanings of the expression “born again,” contrasting it with Jesus’ revolutionary teachings on the kingdom of heaven.

Session 4
Messianic Miracles [09:01]

Pastor and author Robby Gallaty identifies miracles that, according to ancient Jewish tradition, only the coming Messiah would be able to do. The people of Jesus’ day expected the Messiah to act a certain way and prove His identity through certain miracles. Ironically and tragically, although Jesus perfectly fulfilled every prophecy about the Messiah, the Jewish leaders refused to believe. Yet many other people who witnessed those miracles walked away with powerful testimonies that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

Session 5
The Last Week [08:02]

Leonardo da Vinci got it wrong. His painting The Last Supper misrepresents details in the scriptural accounts of that poignant moment Jesus shared with His disciples. Pastor and author Robby Gallaty warns us to be careful not to allow culture to cloud our biblical perspective of God’s truth. He also examines what was at stake in the people’s choice between Barabbas and Jesus Christ. When we examine our hearts, we may find that we’re more like the first-century crowd than we thought.

Session 6
Words from the Cross [08:01]

As Jesus died on the cross, He was also preaching a sermon. Pastor and author Robby Gallaty points out that Jesus’ words from Psalm 22 were intended to speak volumes about His sacrifice for human sin and about His certain victory in the end. Jesus’ words also showed that His finished work on the cross brought an end to the Jewish sacrificial system and granted us direct access to God.


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