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TeamKID: Catching Air - Leader Kit

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TeamKID: Catching Air - Leader Kit




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The TeamKID: Catching Air Leader Kit contains a 240-page leader guide and a DVD-ROM filled with missions videos and helpful teaching supplements for 36 meetings.

TeamKID is new for the next generation of kids — with high energy games, a greater emphasis on missions, and more memory verses that help kids apply Bible truths to real life — while kids learn Bible truths foundational for every Christian. TeamKID is perfect for kids discipleship on Sundays, mid-week, or anytime you meet with a group of kids.

More Bible!
Bible Study: each meeting includes a Bible Story and teaching that helps kids grow into disciples of Christ.
Bible Memory: each meeting includes a memory verse connecting to that week’s Bible truth.
Extra verses: an extra verse is listed on each week’s Parent Connection from the DVD-ROM (added from the Green Cycle of Bible Skills Drills & Thrills)

More Missions!
Missions Videos: each week has its own missions video from Kids on Mission
Missions Activities: each meeting includes missions reproducibles and extras from the DVD-ROM

More Fun!
More Rec Games: TOURNAMENT activities are bigger and better than ever, which means more fun!
WARM-UP: each meeting kids off with a fun activity that can incorporate kids as they arrive and peak interest in the Bible truth for the day

Catching Air
The perfect jump. The longest throw. The highest leap. Every competitor longs for his best performance. This volume of TeamKID teaches kids to soar in God’s strength, as He helps them live for Him and tell others about His love.

Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Catching Air is a term many of today’s athletes use to indicate their best performance for those leap, jump, or ride—literally to soar!

TeamKID: Catching Air wants kids to realize their strength will eventually fade, but those who trust in God will renew, walk, run, and soar in His strength!

Meeting 1: How Great Is God?
Meeting 2: Does God Keep His Promises?
Meeting 3: Who Is God?
Meeting 4: Is God Loving?
Meeting 5: Is God Just and Good?
Meeting 6: What Is God’s Plan?

Meeting 7: What Is God’s Most Important Creation?
Meeting 8: What Went Wrong?
Meeting 9: Does God Love People Even Though They Sin?
Meeting 10: How Should People Respond to God’s Love?
Meeting 11: How Did God Plan for People to Live in Relationship with Others?
Meeting 12: How Do Christians Work Together?

Meeting 13: Why Is the Bible True?
Meeting 14: Why Do We Need the Bible?
Meeting 15: Why Did God Give Us the Bible?
Meeting 16: How Should We Respond to the Bible?
Meeting 17: Why Should I Study and Memorize the Bible?
Meeting 18: Why Is the Bible Important?

Meeting 19: What Is Special About Jesus?
Meeting 20: How Does Jesus Relate to Believers?
Meeting 21: What Did Jesus Do While He Lived on Earth?
Meeting 22: How Did Jesus Live?
Meeting 23: What Happened on the Cross?
Meeting 24: How Does Jesus Change Us?

Meeting 25: How Do I Follow Jesus?
Meeting 26: What Is Baptism?
Meeting 27: What Is the Lord’s Supper?
Meeting 28: What Does it Mean to Be a Steward?
Meeting 29: Why Should I Study the Bible?
Meeting 30: Why Should I Pray?

Meeting 31: Do I Have a Mission?
Meeting 32: How Do I Live on Mission?
Meeting 33: Where Do II Live on Mission?
Meeting 34: How Do I Serve Others and Grow God’s Kingdom?
Meeting 35: How Does the Church Fit into My Mission?
Meeting 36: How Do I Share Christ with Others?

TeamKID: Catching Air is designed as a next step in learning for kids in discipleship after their new Christian classes or for any kid wanting to learn more about Jesus. The content was developed to be complementary to the Disciples Path curriculum. The 36 sessions of TeamKID: Catching Air naturally fit Disciples Path's 6 books/topics. For more information about Disciples Path for Adults and Students, visit
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