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Special Revelation and Scripture

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Special Revelation and Scripture




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The doctrine of special revelation and the role of Holy Scripture have been central to the Christian faith for two thousand years. Yet, the nature, authority, and interpretation of the Bible continue to be discussed and debated. In their book Special Revelation and Scripture, David S. Dockery and Malcolm B. Yarnell III explore the fundamental elements of divine revelation, such as inspiration, reliability, and authority, and how these elements influence and shape the Christian's understanding of theological doctrines, ethical teachings, and matters concerning worldview.

Dockery and Yarnell begin by developing the doctrine of divine revelation that emphasizes the Bible as the revealed word of the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They examine the relationship between the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, and sacred Scripture, highlighting their foundational connection. Furthermore, they explore the work of the Holy Spirit in inspiring the prophetic and apostolic writings and safeguarding them in the biblical canon.

The authors affirm the special nature of Scripture by highlighting its essential attributes of truthfulness, inerrancy, sufficiency, and authority. They conclude by emphasizing the Holy Spirit's role in illuminating Scripture for the development of theology and practice within the church.

Throughout the book, readers will encounter a deep and abiding conviction that God's special revelation is preserved and made accessible for all human beings in his inspired Word, the Holy Bible. Dockery and Yarnell's comprehensive exploration of divine revelation and Scripture will inspire readers to engage with the Word of God in a more meaningful and transformative way.

Recognizing that faithful theological study is an integrative task, the Theology for the People of God series uniquely combines biblical and systematic theology in dialogue with historical theology and with application to church and life. This series addresses classic doctrines of systematic theology and other relevant topics, pairing careful scholarship with the practical understanding that theology finds its focus within the context of the church. Together, the series' authors guide readers in developing a theologically informed way of seeing the world, a Christlike response to life, and Christian motivation for ministry.

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