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Simple Life – Individual Use Video (Rent) (for individual viewing) featuring Thom and Art Rainer. All 6 of these helpful video sessions are available to individuals as rent sessions. This 6-session Bible study will reveal insights into the common struggle to bring balance and order to life. Addressing the four key areas of time, relationships, money, and God, Simple Life will help you decide what’s really important and will give you a practical action plan for reorganizing your life around your priorities.

These video sessions are most effective when used with the Simple Life Bible study book. Rent these sessions as a bundle for personal use or for times you can't be at the group Bible study sessions.

This video will expire 2 weeks after the date of purchase.

Session 1
The Simple Revolution (11:02)

Too many lives are out of control because of excessive busyness, financial problems, broken relationships, and distance from God. This session echoes the cries of more than one thousand people participating in the Simple Life survey who stated that they needed to simplify their lives in the areas of time, relationships, money, and God. Authors Thom and Art Rainer outline action steps that viewers can use to move toward the simple life: clarity, movement, alignment, and focus.

Session 2
How to Make Your Time Really Count (13:44)

Our culture is obsessed with time; yet we never have enough. Caught in the trap of busyness, we rush from one activity to the next, sometimes without thinking why we do what we do. And too often what is urgent edges out what is significant. This session begins with a dramatic vignette that illustrates our perennial time crunch. Authors Thom and Art Rainer look at time from God's perspective, and help viewers gain insight on how they are using their time - participants are challenged to make sure their daily actions match their priorities.

Session 3
How to Create and Keep Healthy Relationships (13:36)

A dramatic vignette highlights one person's struggle to give her relationships the priority she thinks they deserve. Authors Thom and Art Rainer speak about the challenges to healthy relationships and guide viewers to identify and eliminate barriers to their relational goals.

Session 4
How to Simplify and Build Healthy Finances (16:17)

This session begins with a dramatic vignette that depicts many of the financial struggles that people experience today. Authors Thom and Art Rainer emphasize the importance of setting financial goals for now, the future, and the distant future. Viewers are introduced to action steps that will reveal whether their spending practices align with their financial goals.

Session 5
How to Get Closer to God (14:48)

An opening dramatic vignette reveals that many people drift away from God even if they were brought up in church. Authors Thom and Art Rainer introduce principles to help viewers eliminate distractions that keep them from giving time to God. By keeping God at the center of their lives, they can stay focused on what is most important.

Session 6
How to Put It All Together (6:36)

Authors Thom and Art Rainer guide viewers to review the work they have done during this study to simplify their lives in the areas of time, relationships, money, and God. Viewers are challenged to identify their next steps in their journey toward the simple life.


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