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Seek First the Kingdom: God's Invitation to Life and Joy in the Book of Matthew – Video Streaming - Group includes perpetual streaming access* to 8 teaching sessions by Christine Hoover for group viewing. This product includes 10 transferable licenses with perpetual video access for group leaders.*

Join Christine Hoover in this 8-session study to reorient yourself solidly around the kingdom and the King who gives life in abundance. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the unfulfilled promises of your false allegiances, if obedience has ever felt like shackles to you, or if you’ve wondered where you belong in the story God is writing, there's good news for you: Jesus is a benevolent King who gives.

Video Sessions:
  • Session 1: The King Has Come (27:12)—In the first teaching session, Christine sets the stage for the study by providing context and background information on author, audience, and themes and characteristics of the book of Matthew. She also walks you through a chart to help you see how kingdom is an overarching theme of Scripture.
  • Session 2: Entering the Kingdom (20:39)—Session 2 video teaching centers on Jesus’ kingdom invitation to repent and follow Him. Christine will challenge us to consider this invitation by showing us the response of two different men to Jesus’ call. She will also point out what awaits us if we say yes to Jesus.
  • Session 3: The Culture of the Kingdom (22:38)—Jesus has extended an invitation to all of us to come follow Him and enter His kingdom. But before we accept that invitation, shouldn’t we know what kind of King he is? Christine will spend this teaching session helping us see and understand the character of the King.
  • Session 4: Living the Kingdom Life (19:52)—In Session 4, Christine helps answer what might be a nagging question for us: Is the kingdom of God mostly about my secure future in heaven without really affecting the everyday mess and muck of life? Does it speak to my worries, stresses and anxieties? She will unpack Matthew 6:25-34 to help us see that kingdom living is the answer to peaceful and purposeful daily living.
  • Session 5: Expanding the Kingdom (22:40)—In this teaching session, Christine focuses our attention on a turning point in Jesus’ ministry found in Matthew 9 where He calls out His disciples to join Him in extending the invitation for others to join the kingdom. Christine makes it clear that as Jesus’ present-day followers, that calling now falls to us. We are to be investing our lives in reaching people for the kingdom.
  • Session 6: Characteristics of the Kingdom (21:50)—Christine will remind us in this session that Jesus used parables as concrete, tangible examples from everyday life to help His listeners grasp the intangible, unseen realities of the kingdom of God. In this teaching, she will unpack some parables in Matthew 13 to show us the characteristics of the kingdom.
  • Session 7: The Community of the Kingdom (22:36)—In Session 7, Christine points out that the kingdom of God is not filled with people who barely relate to each other. No, if you’re in the kingdom, you’re in a family. She will emphasize that what sets the family of God apart is love demonstrated through servanthood.
  • Session 8: The Kingdom to Come (24:02)—Christine closes the study by emphasizing that the kingdom of God is not only past and present, but points toward a glorious future where we will be with God forever in our eternal home. She seeks to answer some questions surrounding Jesus’ return, and reminds us that our job until that day is to keep inviting people to be a part of this glorious kingdom.
If you need videos to view on your own, we suggest purchasing the Video Streaming - Individual. This Video Streaming - Group option can be viewed by a group of any size. These videos cannot be copied or shared.

*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print.
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