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One in a Million - Video Streaming - Individual



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One in a Million - Video Streaming - Individual




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One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land – Video Streaming - Individual includes perpetual streaming access* to 7 teaching sessions by Priscilla Shirer for individual viewing.

Priscilla encourages participants to fully engage in the abundant life God has waiting for those who will allow Him to take the lead in daily living. One in a Million is an opportunity for you to experience your deliverance from strongholds, to conquer your wilderness living, and to claim your God-given inheritance.

Video Sessions:

  • Session 1: (36:41)—In session one God's chosen people had been in captivity in Egypt for approximately 400 years when God raised up Moses to deliver them to the promised land. As the Israelites were delivered from Pharaoh, we find deliverance from Satan through Jesus Christ today. However, to begin the journey God has for us, we must choose to follow His leading.
  • Session 2: Welcome to the Wilderness (29:40)—Priscilla discusses how God intentionally chose the wilderness for the Israelites. He took them to a place where they had to deepen their trust in Him. In our lives too, God uses the wilderness to show us His divine ability working through us so we see greater potential in ourselves because of Him.
  • Session 3: Experiencing God (49:21)—Priscilla discusses God's predictable character and unpredictability in His actions. Moses gave the Israelites specific instructions to obey God; they must wait on and trust in Him. Because of His great love for us, we must allow Him to work in us and through us instead of relying on our own initiatives.
  • Session 4: Seeing Him at Sinai (49:50)—God uses the wilderness to draw us into an intimate relationship with Him. The same God who led the Israelites out of Egypt in the Old Testament paid a great price for us through His Son, Jesus Christ, in the New Testament.
  • Session 5: Breaking Barriers (40:35)—Among the two million Israelites who left Egypt only two entered the promised land - Joshua and Caleb. Though the others had proof of God's ability to work miracles, they chose not to fully trust in Him. Because Joshua and Caleb were willing to do things differently, they experienced God's abundant blessings themselves.
  • Session 6: Aspiring to Abundance (40:34)—Joshua, unlike Moses, acted immediately in obedience to God as the new leader of the Israelites. Though we may not feel equipped to follow God at times, He will provide for those who trust in Him. Just as the Israelites often faced what seemed like impossible odds, we find ourselves in places where God grants us the opportunity to see His miracles unfold.
  • Session 7: (7:31)—In this short final session, Priscilla wraps up the study.
The Video Streaming - Individual option is only meant to be viewed by the person who purchased it. These videos cannot be copied or shared. If you need videos to show in a small group study, please purchase the Video Streaming - Group option if available.

*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print.


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