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John 1-3 - Video Streaming - Teen Group


The Word Became Flesh



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John 1–3: The Word Became Flesh - Video Streaming – Teen Group includes streaming access to 12 teaching sessions by Matt Chandler for group viewing. This product includes 3 transferable licenses with perpetual video access for group leaders.*

The Word Became Flesh
The Gospel of John teaches us that we were made by Jesus, for Jesus. In order to know Him, we must know who we are and who we are not. The first three chapters of John reveal how we’re dependent upon God to help us believe in the name of Jesus and become His children. In Jesus we find a well of abundant grace that never runs dry. Ultimately, we see that Jesus continues to draw people to Himself in the same way He drew His first disciples. Jesus became like us so that we might become like Him.

Video Sessions:

  • Session 1: Through the Word [19:49]—In this session, Matt Chandler introduces the first five verses of the Gospel of John, and we learn the nature of Christ and how true life is found in His Name.
  • Session 2: God-Given Belief [22:53]—Continuing in the first chapter of The Gospel of John, Matt Chandler shows us that we are dependent upon God to help us believe in the name of Jesus and become His children.
  • Session 3: Grace Upon Grace [24:20]—In this session, Matt Chandler teaches that those who believe in the finished work of Jesus experience a well of abundant grace that never runs dry.
  • Session 4: The Word and the Witness [22:48]—In this session, J.T. English preaches that like John the Baptist, we are able to know who we are and who we are not because we know who Jesus is.
  • Session 5: Behold the Lamb of God [18:53]—Matt Chandler teaches what John the Baptist declares: Jesus is the Lamb of God that will defeat all sin.
  • Session 6: Called to Follow [20:00]—To this day, Jesus continues to draw followers to Himself in the same ways He drew His first disciples. In this session, Matt Chandler teaches about what this looks like in our lives.
  • Session 7: New Wine [23:56]—In this session, Matt Chandler examines how the inaugural sign of Jesus’ ministry reminds us that the old has passed away and the new has come.
  • Session 8: The Temple, Spiritual Consumerism, and Jesus [22:37]—J.T. English shows how John uses what Jesus does to show us who Jesus is: a prophet who confronts us, a priest who cleanses us, and a king who constructs the temple of true worship.
  • Session 9: An Inadequate Faith [22:36]—In this session, Matt Chandler demonstrates how the Gospel of John encourages us to examine our relationship with Jesus and ensure that we know Him personally rather than simply know information about Him.
  • Session 10: Born of the Spirit [15:33]—Matt Chandler talks about how those who are born of the Spirit practice repentance by turning away from sin and turning toward Christ.
  • Session 11: A Love that Gives and Sends [20:23]—In this session, Trevor Joy teaches on what Jesus’ mission to seek and save sinners reveals about the love of God that gives and sends freely and fully.
  • Session 12: Our Place and Message [15:10]—In this final session, Matt Chandler teaches why churches and Christians pursue gospel-centered multiplication in order to point as many people as possible to Jesus.

This Video Streaming - Group option can be viewed by a group of any size. These videos cannot be copied or shared.

*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print.

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