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Hope for the Hurting - Bible Study eBook + Video Access



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Hope for the Hurting Bible Study eBook + Video Streaming Access includes electronic content for six small group sessions and personal study between group sessions, as well as streamable videos of each teaching session led by the author.

Video access will expire six months after date of purchase.

Life is painful. Its unique challenges, difficulties, bumps, and bruises can leave us lost and drowning in their wake. But Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulations . . .” He did not say we might have troubles and difficulties, but we will. In this Bible study, Dr. Tony Evans offers spiritual principles for facing such pain and hurt with a biblical perspective. Love and happiness are on the other side if we learn how to walk through the hurt with both peace and joy.

● Six small group sessions for men and women
● Personal study opportunities between small group sessions for ongoing spiritual growth
● Access to six teaching video sessions led by Tony Evans

Session 1 - Coming to the Comforter [13:31]
We’ve all heard the statement that God won’t put more on you than you can bear. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but this statement is untrue at best and unhelpful at worst. In this session, Dr. Tony Evans teaches about how God strip us of ourselves and leads us to depend on Him in our weakness as we come to Him to find comfort.

Session 2 - Discovering the Treasure Within [13:25]
God has a treasure in you, and He wants you to uncover it. Because of this, He will sometimes allow things to come into your life that may be painful, inconvenient, or difficult to bear. In this session, Dr. Tony Evans teaches about how God uses our brokenness so that the “life of Christ” may be made increasingly more manifest in you.

Session 3 - The Greatness of Grace [13:22]
Grace is God’s work in our lives. We receive the benefits when we choose to surrender to His plan and cooperate with His provision of grace to us and through us. To receive grace requires trust. In this session, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the grace of God we experience during our trials and tribulations.

Session 4 - Healing Through Humility [14:57]
Many of the circumstances that make us feel hopeless are the things we can’t overcome with our own effort. Yet, despite knowing this, we still grind our gears and spin our wheels trying to topple life’s obstacles. In this session, Dr. Tony Evans teaches how healing comes from turning to God in humility.

Session 5 - Come Get Your Rest [12:55]
In this session, Dr. Tony Evans teaches about the rest that comes when we come to Christ. When we carry our burdens to Christ, He will give us rest and removes the pain causing us to remain awake at night. He will cart off the load piling high in your soul and limiting your kingdom effectiveness.

Session 6 – Turning Bitter to Sweet [12:58]
In this final session, Dr. Tony Evans focuses on how God can take our bitter circumstances and turn them into evidence of His work in our lives that we can grow from. Hopefully, you’ve seen this throughout the study, but in this session, we’re going to really press in.

● Understand God’s purpose and power during suffering.
● Gain perspective on hurts and struggles.
● Find comfort from God during difficult times.
● Approach God with humility and expect healing.
● Seek God’s reason behind suffering.
● Realize God is working on your behalf in ways you might not be able to see.
● Turn to God in your hurt instead of away from Him.


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