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Forged: Faith Refined, Volume 2 Digital Leader Guide



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The Forged: Faith Refined, Volume 2 Digital Leader Guide is a download filled with easy-to-use, low-tech sessions without media. Preteens and leaders will have discussions on who God says they are, acceptance, spiritual gifts, and more.

  • Features:
    • 13, 1-hour sessions
    • Great for midweek discipleship and small groups
    • Discussion-based
    • Works in a church setting of any size
    • Download code for printable items
  • Sessions:
    • Who Does God Say I Am?
    • What Is My Purpose?
    • What Went Wrong?
    • Does God Still Love Me?
    • I Am Accepted
    • I Am Secure
    • I Am Significant
    • I Am Called
    • I Have the Gift of the Holy Spirit
    • I Am Not Alone
    • I Am Equipped
    • I Am On Mission
  • Order one per leader
  • Additional Resources
    • Forged: Faith Refined, Volume 2 Preteen Discipleship Guide

Who Am I? What's my purpose? How can I deal with the struggles in my life? These questions are at the forefront of the minds of many preteens. Much of their world is changing, and their identity is being challenged by friends and the world around them. Preteens need to be reminded that their identity is found first and foremost in who God created them to be. Help preteens discover the answer to these questions about true identity and more through Forged: Faith Refined, Volume 2.

Forged: Faith Refined is an 8-volume, 2-year curriculum designed to help preteens develop a worldview based on God's perspective. Each Bible study is designed to help leaders encourage and teach preteens with the unchanging truth of God's Wrod as they are grappling with an ever-changing culture around them. Each session is primarily discussion-based and will workn in a church setting of any size.



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