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Encountering God – Video Streaming – Teen Group


Cultivating Habits of Faith Through the Spiritual Disciplines



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Encountering God: Cultivating Habits of Faith Through the Spiritual Disciplines – Video Streaming - Teen Group includes streaming access to seven teaching sessions by Kelly Minter for group viewing. This product includes 3 transferable licenses with perpetual video access for group leaders.*  

Join Kelly Minter in this seven-session Bible study as she unpacks the biblical foundation for practical and approachable disciplines like prayer, study, worship, rest, simplicity, generosity, celebration, and many more. Teen girls will discover that spiritual disciplines aren't just one more thing to add to their to-do list, but something that can actually create more margin in their life, resulting in deeper peace, communion, and rest. And perhaps most importantly, cultivating habits of faith will help girls know God more, as they release control to Him, express their need for Him, and walk in glad submission and worship of Him.

Video Sessions:
  • Session 1: Introduction(11:45)—Kelly introduces the study on spiritual disciplines and reminds us that these spiritual habits are foundational to our faith and provide fellowship with the living God. She points out that although practicing these disciplines will provide spiritual results, our purpose is not to get results, but to strengthen our relationship with the Father.
  • Session 2: Study (23:10)—Kelly focuses her teaching in Session 2 on the discipline of Bible study. She digs into 2 Timothy 3 to show how the inspired Word of God is useful to teach, rebuke, correct, and train us so that we will be equipped to carry out the purposes of God.
  • Session 3: Pray (25:21)—Prayer is the focus of the Session 3 video. Kelly walks us through some of Jesus' teaching on prayer to point out that we pray to a personal God who knows our needs and faithfully responds to His children. She reminds us that prayer is not just transactional, but relational.
  • Session 4: Express (17:51​) —Kelly unpacks the story of the woman who washes Jesus's feet with her tears in Luke 7 to teach us about the discipline of worship. She emphasizes that like the woman in the story, we are to passionately worship Jesus with all that we are and have. Even in the midst of our pain, we are to recognize who He is and express our love to Him.
  • Session 5: Quiet (25:52) —Quieting our hearts before God is the theme for this week of study, with Kelly focusing the Session 5 video teaching on Scripture meditation. She clarifies that this kind of meditation is not emptying our minds, but filling them with the Word of God and the presence of the Spirit. She challenges us to get past the distraction of our devices and busyness of our schedules to be still before the Lord and soak in His Word.
  • Session 6: Simplify (23:33​) —Kelly challenges us to simplify our lives in the Session 6 video. She walks us through Jesus's teaching in Matthew 6 to remind us that we are to be laying up heavenly treasure rather than earthly treasure. She calls us to orient our lives around what really matters, to turn our focus away from what we think we need to what we really need, so that we're free to give, serve, and love as Jesus calls us to.
  • Session 7: Engage (28:13)—Kelly closes the study by focusing on how we are to engage with one another in the body of Christ. She unpacks a passage in Colossians 3 to emphasize that as the holy, chosen, called-out people of God we are to display to one another, and also to the world, the same character of love and grace that Jesus has expressed to us.

This Video Streaming - Group option can be viewed by a group of any size. These videos cannot be copied or shared. 

*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print. 


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