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See How God Uses Temptation To Reveal & Bring Out Character

A 6-Session Video-Driven Study for Small Groups

At the sound of the word "temptation," we typically jump to the capital-letter temptations that show up as various addictions. But there are more subtle forms of temptation in the lies of success, false identity, and religiosity. The tendency is to trivialize or dismiss these, but their presence may be even more controlling—and more constant—than the usual suspects.

Truth and Lies will help group members understand how God uses temptation to reveal and bring character out of them. That is, temptation is an opportunity to recognize and choose truth as Jesus did.

This study reveals how the enemy works, how to identify the Accuser's schemes, and what Jesus teaches us through His temptations. The first three sessions take group members deep into the temptations of Jesus (Luke 4). Sessions 4-6 teach group members how to combat temptation with Truth.

What You Will Experience

  • Help group members see how God works through temptation.
  • Understand the significance of choosing truth when confronted with temptation.
  • Discover how temptation reveals character.
  • Learn how you can grow as a result of temptation.
  • Navigate the specific temptations of religiosity, lies of success, and false identity.
  • See how Jesus responded to specific temptations and what it teaches us.

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