Storyteller Bible Study

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The Storyteller series is designed to be inviting, interactive, and intuitive. Each page draws you in to the story revealed in the biblical text, the larger story of Scripture it's connected to, and how you have been invited to participate in that story yourself. Here’s what you’ll find in Storyteller:

  • Five short daily readings each week

  • Scripture included 

  • Insightful commentary to provide context and clarity

  • Follow-up questions to help you reflect on what you’ve read

  • Additional questions to inspire discussion if you meet with a group

Storyteller - Jonah

Jonah is an epic tale involving a man on a mission, three days and nights in the belly of a great fish, and a city experiencing unexpected renewal. We see that Jonah shows us a seeking God whose relentless pursuit of us is at the heart of who He is. God isn’t just for “those people out there.” He’s for all of us.

  • Meet a God who pursues the lost, even if the lost one is you.

  • Understand God's mercy and care to call people to repentance.

  • Embrace God's calling on your life despite difficulty.

Storyteller - Job

Job is a book of the Bible that many pick up to ask and answer big existential questions—Why does God allow suffering?Is there any purpose in life?If God is good, why do bad things happen?

  • Find God in the middle of difficult circumstances.

  • Learn to be a kind and compassionate presence to those who are suffering.

  • Discover God is with us and for us no matter what we face.

Storyteller - Acts

Storyteller Acts

The book commonly known as “Acts” is short for “Acts of the Apostles” because it prominently features Jesus’s called, gifted, and set apart messengers to expand His church.

  • Study the work of the Spirit as He empowers the mission of the church.

  • Reflect on Jesus’s last words to His disciples before He ascends into heaven.

  • Witness the Spirit-empowered boldness and passion available to all disciples of Jesus Christ.

Storyteller - Genesis

The book of Genesis describes what happened before anything but God existed. It’s the story of how God made everything out of nothing and called it “good.” It shows how we messed everything up and introduces the central problem in Scripture—sin. It also shows how God is intimately involved in redeeming and recreating the broken mess of the world. (6 sessions) 

  • Five-day concise reading plans each week

  • Open, inviting design  

  • Understand the beginning of the Bible’s story and see how it links to all the other stories.

  • Begin to see God’s plan to redeem the broken world.

  • Find hope in God’s future plans.

Storyteller - Galatians


Freedom is something everyone wants but few truly experience. It’s also understood differently by various people and cultures. But what does the Bible mean when it says that we’re free? After all, it is “for freedom” that Christ set us free.

The kind of freedom that Jesus offers is not the absence of constraint, or license, or personal autonomy. It’s a deeper and more liberating freedom.

  • Reassess what gospel freedom means for you.

  • See the benefits of the gospel applied to your life through a popular and easy-to-understand New Testament letter.

  • Experience adoption and the freedom that comes from knowing that you are a fully loved and accepted child of God.

  • Understand that there is no other gospel than the one Jesus offers, and that’s a good thing for all of us.

Storyteller - Ruth

Many of the stories of the Bible involve seismic events—worldwide floods, warring kings, an entire people being taken into exile. But other stories are small and personal. Tucked into the beginning of the Old Testament is one such story in the book of Ruth.

When we meet Ruth, her husband has died, and she is traveling with her mother-in-law to a land that is not her own. Though the circumstances seem dire, they are not beyond God’s control.

  • See God’s faithfulness in circumstances that feel like famine.

  • Examine the theme of redemption and providence through an easy-to-understand story.

  • Trust God when hope is hard to find.

  • Understand waiting not as a detour off the path but part of God’s kindness and plan for you.

Storyteller - John

The Gospel of John is one of four books that describes the life of Jesus. John’s gospel is organized in two big divisions, the book of the signs and the book of the suffering servant.

The first part introduces us to Jesus through the lens of 7 key miracles or signs that Jesus does to disclose His identity and prove His divinity. These signs are meant to show us who Jesus is and what He is like. They disclose to us what He cares about and point us back to God.

  • Study the first 12 chapters of John

  • Understand the purpose of miracles and see how they are signs that point us to a savior.

  • Dive deeper and understand key moments from Jesus life and ministry for the first time.

  • Examine the book of John in an easy-to-read fashion following the flow of the book.

Storyteller - Hebrews

The book of Hebrews makes a simple request—consider Jesus. Throughout the letter, the author systematically works through key themes and characters in the Bible and points out how Jesus is better than all of them. You may be wondering about the same things yourself.

This Bible study will help you understand Hebrews in light of the fuller story of Scripture, so you can see that Jesus is more than worthy of your consideration.

  • Understand key themes from Hebrews.

  • See yourself in the story of Jesus.

  • Learn that Jesus is better than anything else in your life.

  • See how Hebrews deals with key themes from the Old Testament in a New Testament light.

Storyteller - Exodus

Exodus is the Rosetta stone for unlocking the Old Testament and the thread of redemption throughout Scripture. In this new series designed to tell the fuller story of Scripture, participants will walk through the first 15 chapters of Exodus.

You’ll relive the experience as God hears the cries of His people and responds by sending a deliverer, ultimately giving us a pattern for recognizing His work in the world.

  • Learn to read the Bible.

  • Recognize key components of the biblical story line.

  • Become engaged with a holistic understanding of the Bible.

  • See how the themes of Exodus present themselves throughout the Bible.

Storyteller - James

What does it mean to pursue a life of faith every day? With insight and clarity, James wrote a letter challenging Christians to align their lives with their beliefs.

  • Embrace a life of faith that is demonstrated in active belief.

  • Develop a real and enduring faith that is able to withstand trials.

  • Earnestly seek to live out your faith in the world.