Revival Generation Bible Study

Help Students Experience a Revival In Their Generation

An 8-Session Bible Study for Students

Look around. Our world is divided in almost every way imaginable—religion, politics, race, views on sexuality, and much, much more. On the surface, it might not seem like the time is right for a movement of God. On the contrary, now is the perfect time for revival. Not the emotional, momentary, feel-good type that comes and goes, but a revival that changes hearts. When God changes hearts, churches change. And changed churches change cities, which change nations, which change the world. When the world has seemed to be at its darkest, the Spirit of God has moved in a way that only He could. Can He do it again? Yes, He can. We just need to prepare our hearts to be ready when He does.

  • Help students be prepared for spiritual awakening.

  • Provide a biblical understanding for what revival is.

  • Focus on words and spiritual understanding associated with revival and spiritual awakening.

  • Guide students to pray for a revival in their lives that will spark a desire in others to know Christ.

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