Philippians Bible Study for Teens

Examine the Life and Leadership of Paul

As disciples of Jesus, we have been given the great responsibility of stewarding our influence for the glory of God. We were created to think, dream, and lead at the feet of Jesus. Leadership is, then, cultivated under the overarching purpose of discipleship. This is why leadership doesn’t begin with action, but rather identity — not with what we can accomplish, but rather what Jesus has accomplished for us. In this study we will dive into Paul’s letter to the first church ever planted in Europe. A closer look allows us to glean the transformational ideas that successful leaders have embraced, both past and present. 

In this 7-session Bible study, students will learn from Student Leadership University Vice President, Brent Crowe, as he examines the life and leadership of the apostle Paul, exploring twelve key elements of Christ-honoring leadership. Students will begin to recognize their own leadership potential, understand what it truly means to lead others, and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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