Parent Partner - Identity and Purpose

Parent Resources on Identity and Purpose

We believe in the power of dialogue centered in faith to strengthen the bond between parents and teenagers. It’s more than just talking; it’s about connecting, understanding, and growing together in faith.

We want to help provide you with resources that can help you feel prepared to have a natural conversation.  

Four Steps to Get Started


Start with prayer to center your intentions and seek guidance from God. It’s essential to invite His presence into your conversations, preparing both your heart and your teen’s heart for open and meaningful dialogue. 

Watch the Video

Watch the videos to introduce and explore the concept. These videos serve as a gentle opener, sparking curiosity and interest in the topic. 

Read the Resources

Arm yourself with knowledge by reading through the written resources. Understanding the biblical perspective on these topics will equip you to answer questions and guide the conversation with confidence and clarity. 

Have the Conversation 

Choose a setting that feels comfortable and inviting for your teen. Whether it’s a quiet walk, a relaxed dinner, or a cozy living room chat, finding the right moment and place can make all the difference in fostering an open and honest conversation.