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Having Hope Like a Child

When Jesus spoke of becoming like children, He did not mean naïve or smaller or weaker. He meant trusting. He meant willing. He meant brave. It takes bravery to be the last in line, the farthest away from independent living, the one everyone listens to the least. This is the heart of the story.

The Just and Faithful Forgiveness of God

For God not to forgive you would be unjust. Why? Because all your sin was already paid for by Jesus. And for God to not forgive a sin that had already been paid for, would be the height of injustice—something that God is incapable of.

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Trusting God to Be In Control

Though I was still afraid and anxious, I slowly opened my heart to the possibility of her going on this trip. Now, granted, my fears were not unfounded. But as I released trying to control the situation, I gained a deeper sense of trusting God that if all the details worked out, I wouldn’t let my fear hold Hope back from going.

With Faith, It Is Possible to Please God

If it is true that without faith, it is impossible to please God, what is the inverse of that statement? With faith, it is possible to please God.