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How Should the Greatness of God Impact Our Lives?

When trying to remain anchored to the faith that describes God as being full of glory, the King of kings, with all power and authority in His hand, while at the same time defending these same truths to others who are denying Him how should the eternal nature of God’s character encourage and challenge you?

Seeking God in Creativity and Writing with Andrew Peterson

One of my soapboxes in the book is that everyone’s creative. Everyone. And my hope is that the principles I cover in “Adorning the Dark” can be helpful no matter what field you’re in.

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Top 5 Kelly Minter Bible Studies

Kelly Minter is an author, speaker, songwriter, and singer passionate about women discovering Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. Whether it’s through a song, study, or spoken word, Kelly’s desire is to authentically express Christ to the women of this generation.

10 Popular Women's Bible Studies

LifeWay's top-selling women’s Bible studies of 2018 include a variety of topics from hearing God’s voice to making a new start and finding Sabbath rest as well as exploring books of the Bible, including Genesis and the Gospel of John. Read on to see what God may be guiding you to study.