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3 Important Markers of Powerful Prayers

The most powerful prayers, whether public or private, are the ones devoid of meaningless, pious platitudes. Instead they’re simple, assured, and include these three important markers. This is how Elijah prayed.

When the Crisis of Terminal Illness Affects Your Sunday School Group

As a Bible study group comes face-to-face with a group member's terminal illness, they may be at a loss for what to do. Keep these things in mind when your group has an opportunity to serve and minister.

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Should You and Your Family Observe Lent?

Lent is roughly six weeks dedicated to the preparation of celebrating Easter. Help your family decide whether the observance of Lent is right for you. Here are some healthy ways to observe Lent, as well as some things you may want to avoid.

8 Easy Steps to Creating an Online Book Club

Don’t let physical distance keep you from enjoying a good book with friends. Start an online book club, and see just how much more knowledge, creativity, and community is gained by reading books with others instead of going at them alone.