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Church in a Season of Isolation

This year's global pandemic has forced churches to develop new ways to worship together and minister to their communities. How should we think about the church, both when we are scattered and when we are gathered? And why does it matter? 

3 Types of Digital Givers in Your Church

Simply having digital giving does not increase generosity. It does open the possibility, but like any other ministry it requires both strategy and leadership. All digital givers are not the same. 

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How to Create Engaging Online Small Groups

I have learned so many things during social distancing, and one of the biggest is that virtual groups are definitely viable and, in some cases, a necessary option.

10 Popular Women's Bible Studies

LifeWay's top-selling women’s Bible studies of 2019 include a variety of topics from hearing God’s voice to making a new start and finding Sabbath rest as well as exploring books of the Bible, including Genesis and the Gospel of John. Read on to see what God may be guiding you to study.