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Embracing Your Imperfection as a Parent

Grace frees us to be honest about our brokenness with God. Grace also frees us to be honest about our brokenness with our children. When we’re honest about our brokenness, it gives our children permission to be honest about theirs.

God Can Heal the Pain of a Difficult Mother

It’s a godly desire to honor our mothers. But let us not forget God also redeems the past by asking us to set healthy boundaries in our families of origin. We also have the opportunity to create something new and nurture our families as mothers to our children.

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Celebrating All Kinds of Moms This Mother's Day

Motherhood isn’t a one-size-fits-all hat you wear or box you live in. Every woman who nurtures and encourages, listens to and leads, lifts up, bends low, sacrifices much, and shows up for another — mothers.

10 Best Practices for Recruiting New Sunday School Teachers

If we recruit Sunday school teachers the right way, we’ll find that the task of inviting people to join us in God’s work isn’t so hard after all. Perhaps we’ve made it hard by the way we’ve been recruiting.