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Being the Father God Intended You to Be

Our fathers are intended to be the primary conduits of masculinity, giving us something of their noble hearts. They are to be our first heroes, striking the masculine fire in us by word and deed.

Finding a Father to Follow in Scripture

Abraham wasn’t led by fear or the changing winds of culture, and he didn’t perch his love for Isaac above his love for God. He simply obeyed.

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6 Ways to Make the Most of Sunday School This Summer

Chances are your Sunday School group’s attendance will become more erratic this summer. Do one or more of the following things to squeeze the most out of summer and avoid those summer slumps.

Christian Fiction Books You Don't Want to Miss

Our list of recommended Christian fiction books includes bestselling authors and up-and-coming writers with stories full romance, suspense, history, current events, faith, and forgiveness. Discover compelling stories that will inspire your own faith journey.