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You Are a Part of God's Family

Scripture says we’re adopted into the family of God. Just as a child is chosen by adoptive parents, brought into the family, and given all the rights as an heir, we too are brought into God’s family and given all the riches of Christ.

3 Ways Sunday School Can Help Your Church Evangelize

Church history shows Sunday School is an effective means to reach people. But what about today? How can your Sunday School or small group Bible study group can be an effective way to facilitate a much-needed evangelistic emphasis? 

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3 Important Markers of Powerful Prayers

The most powerful prayers, whether public or private, are the ones devoid of meaningless, pious platitudes. Instead they’re simple, assured, and include these three important markers. This is how Elijah prayed.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

From teacher and confidant to helper and friend, moms do it all. This Mother’s Day, consider a gift that will help your mom grow in her own faith walk, bring her close to Jesus, and thank her for her selfless love.