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6 Ways to Make the Most of Sunday School This Summer

Chances are your Sunday School group’s attendance will become more erratic this summer. Do one or more of the following things to squeeze the most out of summer and avoid those summer slumps.

Faith-Inspired Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

From books and Bibles to movies and T-shirts, we have gifts for every dad’s faith journey. This year give the true gift of honoring and encouraging Dad’s faith as you celebrate him on Father's Day.

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How to Make the Most of the Summer with Your Kids

Summertime often comes with high expectations and ends with frustration or disappointment. The time before school lets out is the perfect opportunity to gather your family’s optimism and work together to plan for a wonderful break from the usual routine.

4 Ways to Boost Discussion in Your Bible Study Group

If you find yourself needing help when it’s time to get your Bible study discussion started, try one or more of these tips, and watch the conversations (or maybe I should say listen to the conversations) take off.