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Dealing with Loss, Grief, and Grace in a Pandemic

We do not experience the fulness of the grace of God until we recognize that it is His glory that casts shadows in the valley of death. He is not distant, but near.

Let Peace, Not Perfection, Rule Your Heart and Home

It's not about perfection or performance from you, your kids, or your spouse. It's about having a place where you can let your true, still-becoming self show. Where judgment is replaced with encouragement.

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Holy and Set Apart: Celebrating a Sacred Easter with Your Family

Above all else, remember this is a season to reflect and then celebrate. Jesus lived a perfect life, He died for our sins, and He rose again, defeating death and giving us new life in Him!

Coronavirus Resources for You and Your Church

To help out during this time of fear, anxiety, and confusion, here is a list of encouraging and informative resources, free for you and your family or church, to help you navigate this time whether you are single, a parent, or a church leader.