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What to Consider Before Resuming Church Services and Activities

All God’s people want to be together with God’s people again, but what might that look like? What kind of decisions and preparations should be considered? Here are a few ideas to help you think through the process.

Generosity Is on the Rise?

Generosity is no longer just about money. Outside of prayer and fasting, it can be the most critical ministry in the church moving forward. Here are some trends that will encourage every pastor to lean toward designing a powerful generosity ministry.

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Addressing the Sin of Racial Division

Are you willing to call any division that is caused by racism, discrimination, or prejudice a spiritual and moral problem? Are you willing to call it what it really is; sin? Are we, together, willing to call it sin?

8 Easy Steps to Creating an Online Book Club

Don’t let physical distance keep you from enjoying a good book with friends. Start an online book club, and see just how much more knowledge, creativity, and community is gained by reading books with others instead of going at them alone.