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The Things You Say Matter

Our mouths are good for nothing greater than praising God. That’s because praising God is the ultimate purpose for everything God has made—everything from seraphim to people like us. And so He commands us in Psalm 113:1 to praise Him.

How Do We Love One Another as Christ Loved Us?

Sometimes it can be hard to love one another. Even as we pursue Christ, we find ourselves irritated and short with others. Love can be a difficult trait to pursue day in and day out. What does it look like to love one another the way Christ loved us? 

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Is Marriage About the Gospel?

Your marriage is a message, and people are watching you preach. What will they see — selfishness that emerges as you seek to get your own way, or selflessness that displays patience, chooses forgiveness, and keeps showing up and showing Christ?

Single Truths for Single Christians

To be single in our evangelical Christian society is to be different, so we're left with a hounding question: What exactly is God doing with our lives?