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Afraid to Get Close to God

I stood in that kitchen and cried in His arms. I can’t remember what my then-three-year-old was doing up in her room, but I was standing on holy kitchen linoleum as the Lord reassured me, that I am loved, not because I am good, but because He is good. I am scared, but He is good.

Dealing with Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

If we aren’t guarded, unrealistic expectation can alter our demeanor towards one another.

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Top 10 Women's Bible Studies of 2018

LifeWay's top-selling women’s Bible studies of 2018 include a variety of topics from hearing God’s voice to making a new start and finding Sabbath rest as well as exploring books of the Bible, including Genesis and the Gospel of John. Read on to see what God may be guiding you to study. 

Gospel-Centered Spiritual Disciplines

Having begun by the Spirit through the gospel, we are perfected in the same way. Don Whitney explains how practicing spiritual disciplines in a Christ-focused way helps believers become more like Him.