5 Reasons You Should Check Out Worship For Life: Kids

Worship For Life: Kids is LifeWay Kids' exciting large group, media-driven church resource. Here are five reasons you should take a closer look.

Worship For Life: Kids is LifeWay Kids' exciting new large group, media-driven church resource. It's packed full of fun games, skits, videos, worship music, activities, and in-depth Bible teaching that will engage kids in the lessons and make learning God's Word fun. While there are lots of things to love about Worship For Life: Kids, here are five irrefutable reasons you should take a closer look at Worship For Life: Kids as you plan to program your kids ministry.

1. It Connects Kids in Community.

Worship For Life: Kids uses a large-group format that encourages active participation and personal interaction. This isn't a sit-still-and-face-forward type program. Oh, no. Worship For Life: Kids will have your kids fully engaged as they interact with the Bible lesson, play group games, participate in leader-lead discussions, watch compelling videos, and actively enter into corporate worship. The program is designed to create relational connections between kids as it connects them to Christ. Best of all, kids love it.

2. It Has Awesome Worship Music ... No, Seriously.

Our original, kid-friendly worship music is a core component of Worship For Life: Kids. LifeWay Kids is partnering with some of today's top worship leaders to write and perform original worship songs created specifically for the Worship for Life: Kids program. Our first quarter contributors include Jeffrey B. Scott, Tommy Walker, Anthony Evans and Michael W. Smith! When we say this is awesome music, we're not kidding! Each of the featured worship songs comes with two video-driven versions from which to choose: A fully-produced choreography-style video, and a graphics-driven live-lyrics option.

3. It Scales to Fit the Time You Need to Fill.

When it comes to kids ministry, we know that one size does not fit all. You need a program that gives you the freedom and flexibility to lengthen or condense a lesson to meet your programming needs and timeframes. Worship For Life: Kids uses a modular, segmented approach, so the content easily scales to meet your specific programming needs. You can use all of the provided teaching videos, skits, discussion questions, group games and worship songs, or select only some of the segments. You make the call.

4. It Uses a Super-Easy-to-Facilitate Media-Driven Approach.

Some programs require you to have a lot of leaders, and demand hours of practice and preparation. With Worship For Life: Kids you don't need to have a large team to run a high-quality Biblically-sound kids program. If you happen to have a team of teachers, techs and worship leaders, that's great! Worship For Life: Kids provides plenty of opportunity for everyone to serve in their areas of giftedness. But, the program also provides a full array of media-driven segments that allow you to facilitate an equally effective program with a single leader and a DVD player. Worship For Life: Kids is your team.

5. It is Christ-Centered and Bible-Focused.

Worship For Life: Kids is fun-filled and easy to facilitate, but don't mistake it for a fluffy or shallow substitute for "real" curriculum. Worship For Life: Kids is built on the same core commitment to trustworthy content and in-depth Biblical teaching that LifeWay Kids is known for. In every session God's Word will be elevated, the Gospel with be communicated and kids will be challenged to apply the Biblical truths they learn to their lives in practical and tangible ways. You can use the provided teaching videos to communicate the Biblical teaching, or you can use the included leader guide to teach the Bible lessons yourself. Worship For Life: Kids lets you lead the way you want to lead.

With Worship For Life: Kids you can run an exciting large-group program, without compromising your commitment to in-depth Biblical teaching. Whether you have 5 kids, or 100, Worship For Life: Kids sets you up for success. We want to make it easy for you to get to know Worship For Life: Kids yourself, so click over to www.lifeway.com/worshipforlife to watch a promo video of the program in action, and download two full weeks of lessons FREE! We can't wait to see your kids worship for life!

Chuck Peters is Manager of Marketing & Media Production for LifeWay Kids. A graduate of Columbia Bible College, Chuck, and his wife, Cris, have served vocationally & voluntarily in Student and Children's Ministry for many years. They have four amazing children.