Are children too young to be salt and light? Is there a point in the maturation process at which they’re prepared to be salt and light? If so, how do we teach our children to be salt and light in the world?

The Bible seems fairly clear on this point — we’re all called to be salt and light if we’re Christ-followers. Salt adds flavor and preserves. Light makes things visible, allows things to grow, and provides safety. Our children attend all different types of schools, let’s consider how our children can be salt and light in schools that desperately need them.

Model Being Salt

The best way we can help our children in their schools is by being salt in their schools. We add flavor as we serve alongside other parents and teachers. We can find needs in the school community. We can welcome new families to our school. We can speak respectfully about other families, teachers, and administrators.

"Children, with their clear-eyed, blunt honesty, can cut through pretense and facades in disarming ways."

Share the Light

“All truth is God’s truth.” This is the Augustinian maxim that a former Wheaton College professor, Art Holmes, always shared. We need to teach our children the truth — not “a truth” or “their truth” or “my truth.” Additionally, we need to model how to pursue truth. When we learn about the world around us, we’re worshiping and getting to know the Creator better. For example, by understanding the physical properties of light, we better understand how to become light — light that reflects the glory of our Creator.

See the Light

Often quoted, C.S. Lewis wrote in The Weight of Glory, “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it but by it, I see everything else.” When our faith is the lens through which we see others, learning, and the world, we can’t help but be salt and light. Children, with their clear-eyed, blunt honesty, can cut through pretense and facades in disarming ways. Once children experience God’s love and grace, they can become amazing reflectors of that love and grace. What a tremendous opportunity for their personal growth and for the world they will serve.

Jon Eckert, Ed.D., is an associate professor at Wheaton College, former elementary and middle school teacher, and a parent. He enjoys playing basketball and spending as much time as possible with his wife and children.